Hot News    1. Announcement on First General Meeting of Shareholders of GTI 2. Announcement on the 8th BOD meeting minutes, 1st mandate of GTI 3. PPAP cargo throughput up despite road rivalry 4. TPP puts Cambodia’s trade, investment in the spotlight 5. Central bank takes breather as it reins in rural lenders 6. Asian visitors continue to drive tourism in the Kingdom 7. Exports up 20% in H1 on Europe purchases 8. Pre-flight purchasing 9.Potholes on a path to progress 10.Rice exports to bounce back 11. Fuel retailers agree to submit pricing details 12.Removing capital barriers for SMEs 13.Bank deposit insurance proposed for riel security 14.Gov’t exporter sits out rice deal 15.Casinos rake in $2 billion 16.Gov’t exporter sits out rice deal 17. Casinos rake in $2 billion 18.Central bank urges riel spending 19.Quality control gives Kampot pepper more punch 20.Extractive industries seek gold standard 21. Aviation body breathes easier as audit delayed 22.Acleda widens capital channel to South Korea 23.Announcement on the 17th BOD meeting minutes, 5th mandate of PPWSA 24.Toyota snaps up large land lease on outskirts of phnom penh 25.Ford targets the Kingdom’s lucrative emerging economy 26.Smoother path for agro exports 27. Press Release on Resolution on Listing Eligibility Review Application of Phnom Penh Autonomous Port (PPAP) 28.Building foundations of city’s construction boom 29.Striking an agreeable balance 30.Bourse softens listing criteria 31.Capital’s port on course for IPO 32.Not waiting on Apple 33.New bourse rules to lure SMEs 34.Outbreak turns consumers away from pork 35.New bourse rules to lure SMEs 36.Port’s IPO just months away 37.Petrol prices should reflect drop in import costs: gov’t 38.Drought improves in B’bang concerns remain 39.Gov’t urges builders to go green in provinces 40.Gov’t calls for closure of illegal snakehead fish farms 41.Gov’t calls for closure of illegal snakehead fish farms 42.CSX approved Phnom Penh SEZ plc for listing 43.Q1 2015 Quarterly Report of Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA) 44.Soldiers, Singaporean Firm to Plant 6 Million Trees 45.(Kh) GTI is going to pay dividend 46.(Eng) Phnom Penh Port aims for November listing 47.(Eng) GTI to pay 177 riel per share 48.Why Saudi succession isn’t a big deal for oil 49. Oil Jumps After Saudi King Dies 50.(Eng) FAQ 51.(Khmer) Chartered carrier takes off 52.(Eng) Confidence at central bank 53.(Eng) Oil prices tick up after positive US data 54.(Khmer) Plans for sovereign bonds still far away 55.(English) Plans for sovereign bonds still far away 56.PPWSA will lauch first stage operation of Niroth water treatment plant 57.(Khmer) PPS Online Trading Manual 58.(English) PPS Online Trading Manual 59.Web Trading manual (Japanese) 60.(Eng) Sacombank Securities Plc Halt the Business 61.TC fails in bid to list on CSX 62.PPWSA: Loan from AFD for the project Niroth water treatment plant 63.New Trading Rule in CSX 64.(English) PPWSA to announce its first dividend    
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