Hot News    1. Revised gas caps see premium, diesel fall 2. Asia markets lower Nintendo McDonald's Japan jump as 'Pokemon Go' finally launches in Japan 3. US stocks close lower Dow snaps 9-day winning streak 4.Nearly 90% of garment factory jobs at risk of automation: ILO 5.Japanese investor acquires local MFI 6.Keeping up with the economy 7. First quarterly report of PWSA in 2016 8.The reason for the decrease of total dividends of GTI for the year 2015 9.Announcement on dividend distribution of GTI 10.First quarterly report of GTI in 2016 11.First General Shareholders Meeting Documents of PPAP 12.Firm poised to be first licensed derivatives broker 13.Fourth General Shareholders Meeting Minute of PWSA 14. Annual report of PPAP for the year 2015 15. Announcement on dividend payment for the year 2015 of PPAP 16.PPSEZ-Road Show 17.GTI Annual Report 2015 18.Additional information on 4th General Shareholder Meeting: Proxy letter of PPWSA 19.Announcement on dividend distribution of PPWSA for the year 2015 20.Fourth quarterly report of GTI in 2015 21.CSX approved Phnom Penh SEZ plc for listing 22.Q1 2015 Quarterly Report of Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA) 23.Soldiers, Singaporean Firm to Plant 6 Million Trees 24.(Kh) GTI is going to pay dividend 25.(Eng) Phnom Penh Port aims for November listing 26.(Eng) GTI to pay 177 riel per share 27.Why Saudi succession isn’t a big deal for oil 28. Oil Jumps After Saudi King Dies 29.(Eng) FAQ 30.(Khmer) Chartered carrier takes off 31.(Eng) Confidence at central bank 32.(Eng) Oil prices tick up after positive US data 33.(Khmer) Plans for sovereign bonds still far away 34.(English) Plans for sovereign bonds still far away 35.PPWSA will lauch first stage operation of Niroth water treatment plant 36.(Khmer) PPS Online Trading Manual 37.(English) PPS Online Trading Manual 38.Web Trading manual (Japanese) 39.(Eng) Sacombank Securities Plc Halt the Business 40.TC fails in bid to list on CSX 41.PPWSA: Loan from AFD for the project Niroth water treatment plant 42.New Trading Rule in CSX 43.(English) PPWSA to announce its first dividend    
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