US Shares


The US stock market is the highest market capitalisation in the world.
The US stock market mainly includes the New York Stock Exchange

U.S. stock quotes

1. Does PPS provide real time quotes on U.S. stocks?

PPS provides absolute real time quotes on U.S. stocks. Real time quotes are also reflected on each individual trade record and on each of your orders.

2. What’s the charge for real time quote service?

PPS is currently running a promotion – All eligible accounts enjoy free real time quote service immediately after registration. (Post-promotion standard charge for real time quote service is $10 per month.)

1. U.S. stock trading hours

U.S. eastern standard timeEST):

Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Beijing TimeNon-U.S. Daylight Savings Time period, November – March of next year):

10:30 PM– 5:00 AM the next morning

Beijing TimeU.S. Daylight Savings Time period, March -- November):

9:30 PM –4:00 AM next morning


2. Minimum trading unit for U.S. stocks

Unlike A shares or Hong Kong stocks, U.S. stocks do not adopt the concept of a board lot, and therefore there is no trading unit limit.  The minimum trading unit is 1 share.

3. Share price fluctuation rage for U.S. stocks

Unlike A shares, U.S. stocks do not have daily share price limit up or limit down.  This may mean heightened risks, which investors should be aware of.

4. Day trade for U.S. stocks

Day trade is a pattern of security trading.  It refers to an investor buying and selling a particular stock or stock option position within the same day.  Day trades are also called T+0 trades.  U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has specific regulations around day trades, which specify that accounts with net assets of less than $25,000 are only allowed 3 day trades within 5 consecutive trading days.  Accounts with net assets of over $25,000 have no limit to number of day trades they can make.

Below are some day trade (T+0 trade) examples:

1An investor started the day with a bear position on a particular stock (i.e. he held no shares of the stock).  He bought 200 shares of the particular stock, and then bought another 300 shares of the same stock.  Later in the day, he made 3 trades, and each time sold 100 shares, 200 shares, and another 200 shares of the particular stock.  How many day trades (T+0 trades) did the investor make?

Correct Answer1 day trade (1 T+0 trade)


2An investor started the day with a bear position on a particular stock (i.e. he held no shares of the particular stock).  He bought 200 shares of the particular stock, then sold 200 shares of the same stock.  Later, he bought another 300 shares of the same stock, and then sold 300 shares of the same stock before the end of the day.  How many day trades (T+0 trades) did the investor make?

Correct Answer2 day trades (2 T+0 trades) 

3An investor started the day with a bear position on a particular stock (i.e. he held no shares of the particular stock).  He bought 500 shares of the particular stock, then sold all 500 shares in 3 different trades before the end of the day.  How many day trades (T+0 trades) did the investor make?

Correct Answer1 day trade (1 T+0 trade)


4An investor started the day with a bear position on a particular stock (i.e. he held no shares of this particular stock).  He bought 100 shares, 200 shares, and 300 shares of the particular stock in 3 different trades.  He then sold all 600 shares in one trade.  All 4 transactions were in the same day.  How many day trades (T+0 trades) did the investor make?

Correct Answer1 day trade (1 T+0 trade)


(5An investor started the week with a bear position on a particular stock (i.e. he held no shares of the particular stock).  On Monday, he bought 500 shares of the particular stock.  On Tuesday, he bought another 500 shares of the same stock.  Later on Tuesday, he sold 500 shares of the particular stock.  He bought yet another 500 shares of the particular stock.  How many day trades (T+0 trades) did the investor make?

Correct Answer1 day trade (1 T+0 trade)

(6An investor started the week with a bear position on a particular stock (i.e. he held no shares of the particular stock).  On Monday, he bought 500 shares of the particular stock.  On Tuesday, he sold 500 shares of the particular stock.  Later on Tuesday, he bought another 500 shares of the same stock. How many day trades (T+0 trades) did the investor make?

Correct Answer0 day trade (0 T+0 trade)


5. Clearance and settlement process for U.S. stocks

U.S. stocks adopt the T+3 settlement process.  Clearance and settlement of a trade is completed on the 3rd trading day after the day of the trade.

6. U.S. stock markets

1New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

New York Stock Exchange is the second largest securities exchange in the world.  Approximately 2,800 companies are listed on NYSE, which means their stocks are traded on NYSE.  The total market value tops $15 trillion.



NASDAQ Stock Market is a stock market largely based on an electronic network.  Approximately 5400 companies are listed and their stocks trade on NASDAQ.  It is the U.S. stock market with the most listed companies and largest trading volume.  NASDAQ is also the biggest online trading exchange in the U.S.

3American Stock Exchange (AMEX)

American Stock Exchange is currently the third largest stock exchange in the U.S.  AMEX is the only stock exchange where stocks, options, and derivatives can be traded simultaneously.  AMEX is the only stock exchange that caters to companies with medium to low market value and provides them with a spectrum of services aimed at raising their market profile.

4Pink Sheet Exchange (PK)

Pink sheet trading has been incorporated into the bottom level of NASDAQ’s stock quotation system.  Pink sheets are a lower level form of quotation within the U.S. over the counter trading market.

5Over The Counter Trading Markets (OTC)

OTC is a market conducted directly between dealers and principals via trading platforms other than exchanges.  In other words, it is a spread-out trading network outside of the central location of an exchange.  Unlike an exchange there is no automatic disclosure of the price of deals to other market participants, and deals and traded instruments are not standardized. In a generalized sense, OTC markets include NASDAQ, OTCBB (Over The Counter Bulletin Board) and PK.  NASDAQ has the highest level of requirements for OTC securities to be traded, followed by OTCBB, while PK has lowest requirements.

Order Types

1. Market Order

A Market order is an order to buy or sell securities at the market bid or offer price.


Advantages of a market order:  A market order has the highest likelihood of being filled and it has the highest speed of execution.  However, unlike a limit order, a market order provides no price protection and may fill at a price far lower/higher than the current displayed bid or ask price.


Notes and Remarks

A market order guarantees a fill or execution, but it does not guarantee the price the order is filled or executed.  When the market is moving fast, or for securities with low trading volume, market orders may end up executed with a price higher or lower than you have previously seen in the market. 

Orders placed pre-market or during after-hour trading, may be executed at a higher or lower price when the market opens.  For U.S. stocks, market orders are only allowed starting at 8:10 AM EST, on each trading day.  Before 8:10 AM EST, only limit orders are accepted.  The Beijing time equivalent to 8:10 AM EST is 8:10 PM during U.S. Daylight Savings Time, and 9:10 PM during Non-U.S. Daylight Savings Time.


2. Limit Order

A Limit Order is an order with a specified price.  The order will only be executed when the price reached is the specified price or is better than the specified price.  It is similar to the “regular order” with A Shares.

Advantages of a limit orderWith a limit order, the range of price is specified by the investor, but the order may not be executed at exactly the price specified.  It can be executed at a more favorable price then the specified one.  For buy orders, a limit order will only be executed at the specified price or lower.  For sell orders, a limit order will be executed at the specified price or higher.


Notes and Remarks

If the stock price does not reach the specified price, a limit order does not get executed. 

For a limit order placed on a stock whose price is moving very swiftly in one direction, uncertain trading time can cause the investor to miss an opportunity.  Some unexecuted limit orders can be changed or cancelled. 

However, the original limit order is still in effect during the change or cancellation process.  If the original order is executed during the change or cancellation process, the change or cancellation will not take effect.

3. Stop Order

A Stop Order is an order with a specified price called Stop Price.  Once the stock price reaches the stop price, the order is executed at market price.  The difference between a stop order and a limit order is that stop orders sell when the price is at stop price or lower, or buy when the price is at stop price or higher.


Advantages of a stop order:  Stop orders help investors stop loss or maintain profit on a certain stock or option. 

Notes and Remarks

Stop orders don’t guarantee success of order placement or order execution.  Lack of purchasing power or inadequate positions in an account may prevent the investor from successfully placing a stop order.  Orders that are placed may not get executed either.  Once the stock price reaches the stop price, a regular market order is triggered.  If there is no buyer or seller, the order will automatically expire at the end of the trading day.   

Also, when the stock price reaches the stop price, the stop order triggers a regular market order is triggered.  However, the triggered market order is not connected to the original stop order.  At that point, if the stop order is cancelled, the triggered market order may still be executed.

Frequently asked questions regarding stop orders


QuestionCan I use a stop order to help protect gains on a stock?  For example, I buy a stock at $50 per share, and I want to sell the same stock at $60 per share.  Can I place a stop order at $60 per share to achieve this goal?

AnswerNo.  Stop orders cannot be used to help protect gains.  If you place a stop order as described in your question, as long as the current price of that stock is under $60 per share, the order will be executed immediately at market price.

Question:  If that’s the case, what should I do to make sure that the stock I bought at $50 per share is sold when the price is at $60 per share or higher?

Answer:  PPS currently doesn’t support stop buy orders.  You can place a limit order to sell at $60 per share.  That will achieve your goal.

QuestionIf I don’t have a position in a certain stock, can I still place a stop order for that stock?  If so, what is the outcome?

AnswerYes.  Usually, stop orders are placed when you have a position in a stock.  It helps stop your loss on the stock.  If you don’t have a positon in a stock and you place a stop order for that stock, the stop order will to some extent help track the stock’s price trend. 

For example, assume that ABC stock is currently trading at $35 per share.  You think if the ABC stock g $30 per share, it may fall further.  You can place a stop order for $30 per share even if you don’t have a position in ABC.  The system will place a sell market order when ABC’s stock price drops to $30 per share. 

However, you need to understand that if ABC’s stock price goes to $28 per share, the market order is executed right away.

4. Stop Limit Order

Stop limit orders require the investor to specify both a Stop Price and a Limit Price for each order.  When the stock price reaches the stop price, a limit order is triggered.  The difference between a stop limit order and a stop order is that for a stop limit order, a limit order is triggered when the stock price reaches the stop price.


Advantages of Stop Limit Orders:  A stop limit order triggers a limit order when the stop price is reached, rather than triggering a market order.  It can help mitigate the risk of a stock being sold at a price much lower than the investor expects.

The difference between a Stop Order and a Stop Limit Order:

A stop order triggers a market order when the stock price reaches the stop price, which guarantees the execution of the order, but does not guarantee at what price the order is executed at.  A Stop Limit Order triggers a limit order when the stop price is reached.  The limit order will only get executed at a price equal to or better than the limit price set by the investor.  So the price is guaranteed to some extent, but there is no guarantee that the order will be executed. 


Notes and Remarks

A stop order is guaranteed to be executed, although the execution price could be much lower than the stop price. 

For a stop limit order, if the price of the stock falls rapidly, the triggered limit order runs the risk of never getting executed.  This means that the investor’s loss may keeps increasing.


Operating Tips

If you are buying, the limit price should be higher than the stop price.

If you are selling, the limit price should be lower than the stop price.

Example:  You bought 100 shares of XYZ stock at the price of $10 per share.  Now you want to limit possible losses to $100. You place a stop limit order on the 100 shares of XYZ stock.  You set the stop price at $9.10 and the limit price at $9 per share.  If XYZ’s market price reaches $9.10, it will trigger a limit order to sell your 100 shares at a price no lower than $9 per share.

5. Trailing Stop Order (Price Difference and Percentage Difference)

Trailing Stop Orders don’t specify a definite stop price.  Instead, a Trailing Stop Order specifies a price different from the moving market price of a stock as the stop price point.  The price difference can either be specified in a dollar amount or as a percentage of the market price. 


Advantages of Trailing Stop Orders: 

The stop price of a Trailing Stop Order is automatically adjusted.  When the market price of a stock is moving in a favorable direction, the stop price is adjusted based on the price difference or percentage different from the market price as specified by the investor.


Note and Remarks:

Trailing Stop Orders don’t guarantee execution.  When the stop price is reached, the system triggers a market order or a limit order.  Just like market orders and limit orders, if there is no taker for the offer/bid by the end of the trading day, the order expires automatically. 


Also, once a trailing stop order triggers a real market order or limit order, the real order no longer has a connection to the original trailing stop order.  Cancelling the original trailing stop order has no impact on the triggered order.

Trailing stop orders allow investors to specify the limit for loss, but not specify the limit for profit.  In other words, Trailing Stop Orders allow an investor to maximize the profit opportunity on a stock while setting a limit to an investor’s possible losses.


How do trailing stop orders work?

For a “Sell” Trailing Stop Order, if the market price goes up, the stop price rises accordingly.  However, when the market price falls, the stop price doesn’t change.  When the market price reaches the stop price, a market order is triggered. 


For a “Buy” Trailing Stop Order, if the market price falls, the stop price drops accordingly.  However, when the market price rises, the stop price stays the same.  When the market price reaches the stop price a buy market order is triggered.


Example: You purchase 100 shares of XYZ stock at the price of $10 per share.  You then place a trailing stop order on the 100 shares with a trailing stop price difference of $2 per share.  (You can also specify a percentage as the stop price.)  If XYZ stock price rises to $12 per share, then your stop price automatically goes to $10 per share.  If XYZ stock price rises to $14 per share, your stop price automatically goes to $12 per share.  If XYZ stock price starts to fall after reaching $14 per share, when it reaches $12 per share, it triggers a market order for the 100 shares in your trailing stop order.  You still have made a $200 profit on the 100 shares of XYZ stock.


6. Order Expiration

1. Day Orders are valid only for the trading day on which you place the order.  If an order is not executed by the end of the trading day, it expires automatically.

2. Permanent Orders are valid until they are executed or manually cancelled.

Trading on Margin

1. Trading on Margin

1Trading on margin refers to investor using the funds or securities in their brokerage account as collateral to borrow more funding from the broker to buy securities.  The amount borrowed will be returned at a specified time with interest. 

2With PPS, investors enjoy 4 times leverage for day trades and 2 times leverage for other trades.  Margin funding is only available to accounts with a net value of $2,000 or above.  (Note:  If the net value of an account under margin funding drops below $2,000, the account runs the risk of mandatary liquidation.

2. Shorting Securities

1Shorting refers to an investor using funds or securities as collateral to borrow securities from their brokers to sell.  At an agreed upon time later, the investors agree to return the same number of shares of the same security, and agree to pay interest accordingly.

2At PPS, shorting is only allowed when an account has a net balance above $2,000.Note:  If the account balance drops to under $2,000 after the investor shorts a security, the account faces the risk of mandatory liquidation.)


3Cost for shorting is complex.  Cost is usually related to the risk of the stock in question, including the stock’s liquidity, percentage of the particular stock being shorted currently, i.e. how many shares of the particular stock can be loaned.  The cost for shorting a stock is not fixed.  Investors can check details related to shorting each security on TWS.  The details are presented as annualized percentage rates based on daily settlement.

4Investors who short securities may face the risk of margin calls, due to a shortage of shares for loan or the lender deciding to recall borrowed securities. 


If the account balance drops to under $2,000 after the investor shorts a security, the account faces the risk of mandatory liquidation.  After a short order is executed, if there is a shortage of the security for lending, the broker may liquidate without informing the investor.

Account Types

1. Cash Account

A Cash Account is the most basic type of account.  It does not support margin operations.  It follows the T+3 clearing system.  Day trades are also limited.  After an order is executed, the funds are usually not immediately available for trading, because it has to follow the T+3 system.  Therefore, a cash account usually cannot operate T+0 trades.

2. Limited Margin Account

A limited margin account cannot utilize margin for trading, but trades follow the T+0 clearing system.  Once the total value of the account exceeds $2,000 the limitation on the margin account is lifted, and the account can utilize margin for trading.  To raise the total value of a margin account above $2,000, the owner can either deposit additional funds or reinvest the profits from trades.

3. Margin Account

A margin account can utilize margin to trade securities, as long as the total value of the account is above $2,000.  A margin account can also utilize margin to short stocks. 

If a Margin Account’s net value is greater than $2,000, but below $25,000, PPS will limit the account’s T+0 trades to 3 trades within 5 consecutive trading days.  If the account operates a 4th T+0 trade, the account will be suspended from all trading for 90 trading days. 

Once the account value returns to $25,000 or more, the account can start T+0 trades with no limitation. 



PPS recognizes all open accounts as margin accounts, unless the account owner does not meet the age requirements.  Regulations require that investors between 18 and 21 cannot open margin accounts.

Asked Trading Questions

1. Does PPS support margin trades

Yes.  PPS supports margin trades.  However, it is important to understand that each stock has a different interest rate for margin utilization, and the interest rate may change every day.  For details, we suggest that investors input the desired stock into our system and check on details such as margin requirements, margin interest, commission structure, and whether or not shorting is supported for a particular stock.

2. Can I short stocks on Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect with PPS

In theory, PPS supports shorting on Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect stocks (much like A shares).  However, shorting of a stock is subject to whether risk control supports shorting of such stock.  In reality, most stocks on Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect cannot be shorted.

3. What is PPS’ leverage for U.S. stocks

With PPS, the leverage for day trades is 4 times, while other trades enjoy 2 times leverage.  Margin financing is only available when an account’s net value is over $2,000.

4. If my account’s net value is at $3,000, can I operate T+0 trades?  Can I short stocks?

Yes.  If your account’s net value is $3,000, you can operate T+0 trades and you can short stocks.  However, if you account’s net value is under $25,000, you can only operate 3 T+0 trades in 5 consecutive trading days.

5. What type of securities can I trade with PPS?  Are the types of the securities I can trade the same as those with Interactive Brokers?  Can I trade options?

You can trade U.S. stocks, options, Hong Kong stocks, Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect stocks and Singapore A50 options with PPS.

6. Can I hold U.S stocks overnight?

Yes.  You can hold positions of U.S. stocks overnight.

7. Is PPS’ minimum account funding requirement $3,000?  Can I still operate T+0 trades when my account’s net value drops to below $2,000?

Accounts with net value below $25,000 can only operate 3 T+0 trades in 5 consecutive trading days.  If an account’s net value drops below $2,000, it will only function as a limited margin account, i.e. the account can still operate T+0 trades (subject to maximum 3 T+0 trades within 5 consecutive trading days), but the account cannot utilize margin funding.

8. My order has a better ask price than the quoted price, but it was not executed.  Why?

There are rare cases when an order with a better ask price than the published quoted price does not get executed.  In most cases this is determined by the practices of the special dealer or market maker who deals with the particular stock.

Note:  Quoted prices are for reference only.  Under the U.S. stock market system, most trades are executed through special dealers or market makers.  Once a trade is executed, they have 90 seconds to publish the price.  To some extent, the real time quotes we see on all real time systems are somewhat delayed.

9. What is the trading unit of U.S. stocks

U.S. stocks don’t have “lots”.  On U.S. stock markets, a stock’s trading unit is a “share”.  However, in order to reduce trading costs and to mitigate the risks associated with holding a position or shorting a position, certain brokers and market makers may only allow trades in units of 100 shares.  In such circumstances, inexplicably, the minimum trading unit becomes 100 shares.  Under such a circumstance, if an investor places an order for an odd lot (i.e. not X times 100 shares), the order may not be executed immediately.  Brokers will only execute the order when they can combine this order with other orders of similar prices to form a new order that is X times 100 shares. 

This is another reason why sometimes orders don’t get executed, despite better prices than quoted.  Special dealers and market makers hold on to these orders to wait for other orders with similar prices to appear.  In a case like this, even if the investor cancels the order, it may not take effect.  Investors may have to contact their broker and have the broker contact the dealer or market maker in question and ask them to release the order.  Due to circumstances like this, it is very important for an investor to have a broker that provides real time services.

Trading Options

1.Definition of Option

An option is the right to buy or sell a specific amount of a specific commodity at a specified time at a specific price.  It is a financial tool derived from futures.  It gives the buyer (or holder) the right to buy (or sell) the underlying asset.  The holder of an option has the right to decide, within the specified time frame, to buy or not to buy, or to sell or not to sell the commodity, i.e. the holder of an option has the right to exercise the option or to let the option expire.  The party who sold the option to the option holder, on the other hand, has the obligation to exercise what is specified in the option contract as decided by the party who bought the option.

2. Types of Options

1Based on the rights an option renders the holder of the option, options can be divided into Call Options and Put Options

1For a call option, the party who buys the option pays a premium to have the right to buy the commodity at the price specified in the option within the time frame specified in the option.  However, the buyer of the option does not have to exercise the option and buy the commodity at the end the specified time frame.  The buyer of the option can let the option expire without buying anything from the seller of the option.  On the other hand, the seller of the option has the liability to sell at the price specified in the option as long as the buyer decides to exercise the option and buy the commodity.

2For a put option, the party who buys the option pays a premium to have the right to sell the commodity at the price specified in the option within the time frame specified in the option.  However, the buyer of the option does not have to exercise the option and sell the commodity.  The buyer of the option can let the option expire without selling anything to the seller of the option.  On the other hand, the seller of the option has the liability to buy at the price specified in the option as long as the buyer of the option decides to exercise the option and sell the commodity.

2Based on different exercise time frames, options can be divided into U.S. style options and European style options

1For a U.S. style option, the buyer of the option can exercise the option at any time when the option is valid.

2For a European style option, the buyer cannot exercise the option until the due date.  A European style option expires automatically after the due date.

3Based on the subject of the option, options can also be divided into, but not limited to Stock Options, Stock Index Options, Interest Rate Options, Commodity Options, and Foreign Exchange Options.

3. Important Terminologies Related To Options

1Strike Price (also called the Exercise Price):  If X stock is currently trading at the market price of $10 per share, and you bought an option for $15 per share, your strike price is $15 per share.

2Due Date (also called the Exercise Date):  If you buy an option with an due date of December 18, 1015, you have to exercise the option on or before that date.  Otherwise the option is no longer valid.

3Open InterestThe portion of an option that has not been exercised and has not yet expired.

4Contract:  Contracts are the trading units of an option.  Stock Options are usually 100 shares per contract.

4. The 4 Basic Types of Option Trades

1Buy Call

When a stock’s price is rising, consider a “buy call” option.

Your profit = market price – strike price – option premium.

Your maximum possible loss = fees related to buying the option.

If an investor buys a call option on a stock, and the price of the stock rises as expected and it exceeds the strike price, the buyer of the option can exercise the option and profit from the trade. 

If the stock price never reaches the strike price, then the buyer of the option does not exercise the option, and the maximum loss the buyer of the option will suffer is the option premium.


On December 29, 2011, the market price for GOOG was $636 per share.  You spent $15.15 per contract to buy an option with the strike price of $650 and due date of January 2012.  Essentially, you place and order for "buy to open GOOG-JAN-2012-$650-Calls"This meant you predicted GOOG’s stock price would go up, and it would go above $650 per share by January 2012. 

Once you bought the buy option, as the price of GOOG’s stock went up, the price of your option also went up.  You could choose to execute the option before the expiration date to take your profits.  If you decided to hold the option until the expiration date, and by then GOOG’s stock price was at $700 per share, you get the GOOG stocks at the price of $650. 

If by the expiration date, GOOG’s market price was under $650, you could choose not to do anything and let the option expire.  You don’t get the stock shares, but you don’t have to pay anything extra at that point.  Your loss was the $15.15 per contract you spent on option premium.


2Buy Put

When a stock’s price is on the decline, consider a “buy put” option.

Your profit = strike price – market price – option premium.

Your utmost possible loss = option premium.

If an investor buys a put option on a stock, and the price of the stock decreases as expected and it goes below the strike price, the buyer of the option can exercise the option and profit from the trade.  Since the price of a stock can never go below $0, the investor’s maximum profit is the spread between the strike price and the option premium. 

If the stock price never drops below the strike price, then the buyer of the option does not exercise the option, and the maximum loss the buyer of the option can suffer is the option premium.


The current market price of stock X is at $10 per share.  You spend $1 per share option premium to buy a put option that is due in the middle of this month (December 18) with a strike price of $10 per share.  You spend a total of $100 on option premium, because the contract has 100 shares and the fee is $1 per share.

Assumption 1:  Two weeks later, the price of Stock X goes down to $8 per share.  You choose to exercise the put option, and sell the stocks at $10 per share.  Your profit is:

[ ($10, strike price per share - $8, market price per share) x 100 shares - $100, option premium] = $100, profit.

Assumption 2:  Two weeks later, the price of Stock X goes up to $15 per share.  You choose not to exercise the put option and let it expire.  Your loss is the $100 option premium.

3Sell Call

If you think a stock’s price is going down, you can also sell a call option.

If an investor sells a call option at a certain strike price, but the stock’s price never reaches or goes above the strike price, then the investor keeps the premium as profit. 

On the contrary, if the price goes above the strike price, the investor loses the spread between market price and strike price (market price – strike price).

Note:  For sell calls, the maximum profit is the premium of the call option.



Stock X is currently at $10 per share.  I think the price will not go up to $12 per share.  I sell a call option at the strike price of $12 per share, premium of $1 per share, and due date at the middle of the month (December 18).  I immediately make $100 from the trade, but the $100 doesn’t belong to me unless the Stock X’s price does not exceed $12 per share on the due date.

However, if Stock X’s price goes against my prediction, and it exceeds $12, the person who bought the option will exercise his option, which means I have to buy back the contract.  The biggest risk factor here is the undetermined market price of Stock X.  My profit or loss is determined by the spread between the market price and the strike price.  That is why, when Stock X’s price approaches $12, I will exercise the option first and buy back the shares.  This way, I avoid uncontrollable loss if Stock X’s price rises further.

4Sell Put

If you think a certain stock’s price will rise, you can sell a put option on that stock.

If an investor sells a put option on a stock, and the price of the stock doesn’t fall below the strike price before the due date, the investor pockets the premium as profit. 

In contrast, if the stock price falls below the strike price, the investor will lose the spread between the strike price and market price (strike price – market price). 

Note:  For a seller of a put option, the maximum profit is the option premium.



Stock X is currently trading at $10 per share.  I think the price will not go below $8 per share.  I sell a put option at the strike price of $8 per share, premium of $1 per share, and expiration date at the middle of the month (December 18).  I make $100 from the trade, but the $100 doesn’t belong to me unless Stock X’s price does not go below $8 per share before the expiration date.

However, if Stock X’s price goes against my prediction and falls below $8 per share, I will be forced to exercise the option.  If the price goes to $7.  I don’t lose anything, except for the commission on the put option.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the minimum trading unit for U.S. options?

The minimum trading unit for U.S. options is a contract.  Generally, a contract contains 100 shares of a particular stock.


A call option on SPY stock, with a due date of March 11, 2016, strike price of $195.50 per share, premium $2.10 per share.  This means the total premium for a contract is $210.  $2.10 premium per share x 100 shares = $210 per contract.

2What is Tiger Broker’s standard commission for U.S. option trades?

Tiger Broker’s standard commission for U.S. option trades is $0.75 per contract, with a minimum of $2.99 per trade.

3Does PPS support pre-market and after hour trading for U.S. options

No.  PPS does not support pre-market and after hour trading for U.S. options.  U.S. option trading hours are 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM, U.S. Eastern Standard Time.

4Does option trades take up my T+0 trade quotas?

Yes, qualified option trades do take up T+0 trade quotas.  The rules are the same as those for U.S. stock trades.

5Does PPS support early exercising of options?

PPS currently does not support early exercising of options.  Investors who need early exercising can log in at the TWS client to execute.  (For details of early exercising of options, please call Tiger Broker’s customer service.)


6For options I hold, can I liquidate them at any time before the expiration date

Before the expiration date, all options, whether they are buy options or sell options, can be liquidated at market price.

7By due date, if I don’t voluntarily exercise the option or liquidate them, what will happen to the options I own?

Options that expire within the month, and the market price is $0.01 or better than the strike price, will be exercised automatically.  Investors whose deposit drops below the minimum requirement for option exercising, the options will be liquidated at market price.

 (8) By due date, the buy call option or buy put option’s price is less than $0.01, and the investor does not voluntarily exercise the option or liquidate.  What will happen to the options?

At that point, the options will automatically expire.  The investor’s total loss is the option premium.  Under most circumstances, the investor will suffer even greater losses if he voluntarily exercises the option.


9If I hold sell options, can they be forced into early exercising of options before the expiration date?

Yes, this may happen.  The options offered by U.S. companies are U.S. style options.  In other words, buyers of U.S. company options can exercise the options at any time between the option purchase and the option due date.  However, U.S. style options’ value may still rise during the remaining time before the due date.  Therefore only under rare circumstances do options get exercised right after purchase.

10Are option expirations, forced liquidations, and system liquidations reflected in trade records?

PPS currently does not support inquiries on records of option expirations, forced liquidations, and system liquidations.

Basic Information of US Stock Trading

Trading unit

The trading unit of US stock is one share. You can trade as few as one share in each transaction. For further details, please refer to "Fees & Charges".


The settlement day of US stock trading is 3 business days after the trade is executed (T+3).

Trading Hours

US Eastern Time* 9:30am to 4:00pm
US Time* 9:30pm to 4:00am of the following day (Summer Time**)
10:30pm to 5:00am of the following day (Winter Time**)

* Without lunch break
** The Summer Time in US begins at 2:00am (local time) on the second Sunday in March and reverts to Winter Time at 2:00am (local time) on the first Sunday in November.

The above information is subject to change without notice.


In general, foreign investors (i.e. non-US citizens or residents) are not required to pay profit tax on US stock investment by filling a simple form. However, they are still subject to a US tax up to 30% on dividends received from US stocks1.

1 Source: Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service.

Investments involve risk. Please click here for the Risk Disclosure Statements.


Popular US Share (USD)
US Share (USD)
Symbol Company Name Price
ANCBAnchor Bancorp00.00
FBNKFirst Connecticut Bancorp, Inc.00.00
FNWBFirst Northwest Bancorp00.00
HFWAHeritage Financial Corporation00.00
WEBKWellesley Bancorp, Inc.00.00
CASSCass Information Systems, Inc00.00
GGALGrupo Financiero Galicia S.A.00.00
PGCPeapack-Gladstone Financial Corporation00.00
SNBCSun Bancorp, Inc.00.00
PLBCPlumas Bancorp00.00
SRCE1st Source Corporation00.00
ACNBACNB Corporation00.00
ABTXAllegiance Bancshares, Inc.00.00
AMNBAmerican National Bankshares, Inc.00.00
AMRBAmerican River Bankshares00.00
ABCBAmeris Bancorp00.00
ASRVAmeriServ Financial Inc.00.00
ASRVPAmeriServ Financial Inc.00.00
ATLOAmes National Corporation00.00
AROWArrow Financial Corporation00.00
ACBIAtlantic Capital Bancshares, Inc.00.00
AUBNAuburn National Bancorporation, Inc.00.00
BANFBancFirst Corporation00.00
BANFPBancFirst Corporation00.00
BOCHBank of Commerce Holdings (CA)00.00
BMRCBank of Marin Bancorp00.00
BKSCBank of South Carolina Corp.00.00
BOTJBank of the James Financial Group, Inc.00.00
OZRKBank of the Ozarks00.00
BWFGBankwell Financial Group, Inc.00.00
BANRBanner Corporation00.00
BYBKBay Bancorp, Inc.00.00
BHBKBlue Hills Bancorp, Inc.00.00
BNCNBNC Bancorp00.00
BOKFBOK Financial Corporation00.00
BOKFLBOK Financial Corporation00.00
BPFHBoston Private Financial Holdings, Inc.00.00
BPFHPBoston Private Financial Holdings, Inc.00.00
BDGEBridge Bancorp, Inc.00.00
BMTCBryn Mawr Bank Corporation00.00
CFFIC&F Financial Corporation00.00
CACCamden National Corporation00.00
CSTRCapStar Financial Holdings, Inc.00.00
CFNLCardinal Financial Corporation00.00
CLBHCarolina Bank Holdings Inc.00.00
CAROCarolina Financial Corporation00.00
CARTCarolina Trust BancShares, Inc.00.00
CACBCascade Bancorp00.00
CATYCathay General Bancorp00.00
CBFVCB Financial Services, Inc.00.00
CSFLCenterState Banks, Inc.00.00
CVCYCentral Valley Community Bancorp00.00
CFCBCentrue Financial Corporation00.00
CNBKACentury Bancorp, Inc.00.00
CHFCChemical Financial Corporation00.00
CHMGChemung Financial Corp00.00
CCCRChina Commercial Credit, Inc.00.00
CZNCCitizens & Northern Corp00.00
CZFCCitizens First Corporation00.00
CIZNCitizens Holding Company00.00
CHCOCity Holding Company00.00
CIVBCivista Bancshares, Inc. 00.00
CIVBPCivista Bancshares, Inc. 00.00
CCNECNB Financial Corporation00.00
COBZCoBiz Financial Inc.00.00
CBANColony Bankcorp, Inc.00.00
COLBColumbia Banking System, Inc.00.00
CBSHCommerce Bancshares, Inc.00.00
CBSHPCommerce Bancshares, Inc.00.00
CTBICommunity Trust Bancorp, Inc.00.00
CWBCCommunity West Bancshares00.00
CNOBConnectOne Bancorp, Inc.00.00
ICBKCounty Bancorp, Inc.00.00
CUNBCU Bancorp (CA)00.00
CVBFCVB Financial Corporation00.00
DNBFDNB Financial Corp00.00
EGBNEagle Bancorp, Inc.00.00
EWBCEast West Bancorp, Inc.00.00
EVBSEastern Virginia Bankshares, Inc.00.00
EMCFEmclaire Financial Corp00.00
EBTCEnterprise Bancorp Inc00.00
EFSCEnterprise Financial Services Corporation00.00
EQBKEquity Bancshares, Inc.00.00
FFKTFarmers Capital Bank Corporation00.00
FMNBFarmers National Banc Corp.00.00
FBSSFauquier Bankshares, Inc.00.00
LIONFidelity Southern Corporation00.00
FITBFifth Third Bancorp00.00
FITBIFifth Third Bancorp00.00
FISIFinancial Institutions, Inc.00.00
FBNCFirst Bancorp00.00
FNLCFirst Bancorp, Inc (ME)00.00
BUSEFirst Busey Corporation00.00
FBIZFirst Business Financial Services, Inc.00.00
FCNCAFirst Citizens BancShares, Inc.00.00
FCBCFirst Community Bancshares, Inc.00.00
FCCOFirst Community Corporation00.00
FCFPFirst Community Financial Partners, Inc.00.00
FFBCFirst Financial Bancorp.00.00
FFINFirst Financial Bankshares, Inc.00.00
THFFFirst Financial Corporation Indiana00.00
FFWMFirst Foundation Inc.00.00
FHBFirst Hawaiian, Inc.00.00
INBKFirst Internet Bancorp00.00
INBKLFirst Internet Bancorp00.00
FIBKFirst Interstate BancSystem, Inc.00.00
FRMEFirst Merchants Corporation00.00
FMBHFirst Mid-Illinois Bancshares, Inc.00.00
FMBIFirst Midwest Bancorp, Inc.00.00
FNBCFirst NBC Bank Holding Company00.00
FSBKFirst South Bancorp Inc00.00
FUNCFirst United Corporation00.00
FUSBFirst US Bancshares, Inc.00.00
FULTFulton Financial Corporation00.00
GABCGerman American Bancorp, Inc.00.00
GBCIGlacier Bancorp, Inc.00.00
GLBZGlen Burnie Bancorp00.00
GSBCGreat Southern Bancorp, Inc.00.00
GNBCGreen Bancorp, Inc.00.00
GBNKGuaranty Bancorp00.00
GFEDGuaranty Federal Bancshares, Inc.00.00
HBHCHancock Holding Company00.00
HBHCLHancock Holding Company00.00
HAFCHanmi Financial Corporation00.00
HONEHarborOne Bancorp, Inc.00.00
HWBKHawthorn Bancshares, Inc.00.00
HTLFHeartland Financial USA, Inc.00.00
HTBKHeritage Commerce Corp00.00
HEOPHeritage Oaks Bancorp00.00
HOMBHome BancShares, Inc.00.00
HMTAHomeTown Bankshares Corporation00.00
HOPEHope Bancorp, Inc.00.00
HBNCHorizon Bancorp (IN)00.00
HBMDHoward Bancorp, Inc.00.00
HBANHuntington Bancshares Incorporated00.00
HBANNHuntington Bancshares Incorporated00.00
HBANOHuntington Bancshares Incorporated00.00
HBANPHuntington Bancshares Incorporated00.00
HVBCHV Bancorp, Inc.00.00
IBKCIBERIABANK Corporation00.00
IBKCOIBERIABANK Corporation00.00
IBKCPIBERIABANK Corporation00.00
INDBIndependent Bank Corp.00.00
IBCPIndependent Bank Corporation00.00
IBTXIndependent Bank Group, Inc00.00
IBOCInternational Bancshares Corporation00.00
ISTRInvestar Holding Corporation00.00
LBAILakeland Bancorp, Inc.00.00
LKFNLakeland Financial Corporation00.00
LARKLandmark Bancorp Inc.00.00
LCNBLCNB Corporation00.00
LOBLive Oak Bancshares, Inc.00.00
MBTFM B T Financial Corp00.00
MCBCMacatawa Bank Corporation00.00
MFNCMackinac Financial Corporation00.00
MSFGMainSource Financial Group, Inc.00.00
MBFIMB Financial Inc.00.00
MBFIPMB Financial Inc.00.00
MELRMelrose Bancorp, Inc.00.00
MBWMMercantile Bank Corporation00.00
MBVTMerchants Bancshares, Inc.00.00
MPBMid Penn Bancorp00.00
MBRGMiddleburg Financial Corporation00.00
MBCNMiddlefield Banc Corp.00.00
MSBIMidland States Bancorp, Inc.00.00
MOFGMidWestOne Financial Group, Inc.00.00
NKSHNational Bankshares, Inc.00.00
NCOMNational Commerce Corporation00.00
NBTBNBT Bancorp Inc.00.00
NCBSNicolet Bankshares Inc.00.00
NBNNortheast Bancorp00.00
NTRSNorthern Trust Corporation00.00
NTRSPNorthern Trust Corporation00.00
NWFLNorwood Financial Corp.00.00
OVLYOak Valley Bancorp (CA)00.00
OVBCOhio Valley Banc Corp.00.00
OLBKOld Line Bancshares, Inc.00.00
ONBOld National Bancorp00.00
OPOFOld Point Financial Corporation00.00
OSBCOld Second Bancorp, Inc.00.00
OSBCPOld Second Bancorp, Inc.00.00
OPHCOptimumBank Holdings, Inc.00.00
ORRFOrrstown Financial Services Inc00.00
PCBKPacific Continental Corporation (Ore)00.00
PMBCPacific Mercantile Bancorp00.00
PACWPacWest Bancorp00.00
PBNCParagon Commercial Corporation00.00
PSTBPark Sterling Corporation00.00
PKBKParke Bancorp, Inc.00.00
PNBKPatriot National Bancorp Inc.00.00
PWODPenns Woods Bancorp, Inc.00.00
PEBOPeoples Bancorp Inc.00.00
PEBKPeoples Bancorp of North Carolina, Inc.00.00
PFBXPeoples Financial Corporation00.00
PFISPeoples Financial Services Corp. 00.00
PUBPeople's Utah Bancorp00.00
PNFPPinnacle Financial Partners, Inc.00.00
BPOPPopular, Inc.00.00
BPOPMPopular, Inc.00.00
BPOPNPopular, Inc.00.00
PBIBPorter Bancorp, Inc.00.00
PFBIPremier Financial Bancorp, Inc.00.00
PVTBPrivateBancorp, Inc.00.00
PVTBPPrivateBancorp, Inc.00.00
QCRHQCR Holdings, Inc.00.00
RNDBRandolph Bancorp, Inc.00.00
RNSTRenasant Corporation00.00
RBCAARepublic Bancorp, Inc.00.00
FRBKRepublic First Bancorp, Inc.00.00
RBPAARoyal Bancshares of Pennsylvania, Inc.00.00
STBAS&T Bancorp, Inc.00.00
SASRSandy Spring Bancorp, Inc.00.00
SBFGSB Financial Group, Inc.00.00
SBFGPSB Financial Group, Inc.00.00
SBCFSeacoast Banking Corporation of Florida00.00
SLCTSelect Bancorp, Inc.00.00
SFBSServisFirst Bancshares, Inc.00.00
SHBIShore Bancshares Inc00.00
BSRRSierra Bancorp00.00
SBNYSignature Bank00.00
SFNCSimmons First National Corporation00.00
SMBKSmartFinancial, Inc.00.00
SSBSouth State Corporation00.00
SFSTSouthern First Bancshares, Inc.00.00
SONASouthern National Bancorp of Virginia, Inc.00.00
SBSISouthside Bancshares, Inc.00.00
OKSBSouthwest Bancorp, Inc.00.00
STBZState Bank Financial Corporation.00.00
SSFNStewardship Financial Corp00.00
SYBTStock Yards Bancorp, Inc.00.00
SMMFSummit Financial Group, Inc.00.00
SBBXSussex Bancorp00.00
SIVBSVB Financial Group00.00
SIVBOSVB Financial Group00.00
TCBITexas Capital Bancshares, Inc.00.00
TCBILTexas Capital Bancshares, Inc.00.00
TCBIPTexas Capital Bancshares, Inc.00.00
TBBKThe Bancorp, Inc.00.00
TCFCThe Community Financial Corporation00.00
FBMSThe First Bancshares, Inc.00.00
FLICThe First of Long Island Corporation00.00
TCBKTriCo Bancshares00.00
TSCTriState Capital Holdings, Inc.00.00
TBKTriumph Bancorp, Inc.00.00
TRSTTrustCo Bank Corp NY00.00
TRMKTrustmark Corporation00.00
TRCBTwo River Bancorp00.00
UMBFUMB Financial Corporation00.00
UBSHUnion Bankshares Corporation00.00
UNBUnion Bankshares, Inc.00.00
UBCPUnited Bancorp, Inc.00.00
UBOHUnited Bancshares, Inc.00.00
UBSIUnited Bankshares, Inc.00.00
UCBIUnited Community Banks, Inc.00.00
UBFOUnited Security Bancshares00.00
UNTYUnity Bancorp, Inc.00.00
UVSPUnivest Corporation of Pennsylvania00.00
VBTXVeritex Holdings, Inc.00.00
VBFCVillage Bank and Trust Financial Corp.00.00
WASHWashington Trust Bancorp, Inc.00.00
WFBIWashingtonFirst Bankshares Inc00.00
WCFBWCF Bancorp, Inc.00.00
WSBCWesBanco, Inc.00.00
WTBAWest Bancorporation00.00
WABCWestamerica Bancorporation00.00
WBBWestbury Bancorp, Inc.00.00
WTFCWintrust Financial Corporation00.00
WTFCMWintrust Financial Corporation00.00
XBKSXenith Bankshares, Inc.00.00
ZIONZions Bancorporation00.00
CUBNCommerce Union Bancshares, Inc.00.00
FRBAFirst Bank00.00
OPBOpus Bank00.00
PFBCPreferred Bank00.00
SGBKStonegate Bank00.00
SSBISummit State Bank00.00
TOWNTowne Bank00.00
FCCY1st Constitution Bancorp (NJ)00.00
ANCXAccess National Corporation00.00
ASBBASB Bancorp, Inc.00.00
BCTFBancorp 34, Inc.00.00
BCBPBCB Bancorp, Inc. (NJ)00.00
CWAYCoastway Bancorp, Inc.00.00
CVLYCodorus Valley Bancorp, Inc00.00
FGBIFirst Guaranty Bancshares, Inc.00.00
FSBCFSB Bancorp, Inc.00.00
KRNYKearny Financial00.00
LTXBLegacyTexas Financial Group, Inc.00.00
MSBFMSB Financial Corp.00.00
NRIMNorthrim BanCorp Inc00.00
PBBIPB Bancorp, Inc.00.00
PVBCProvident Bancorp, Inc.00.00
SALSalisbury Bancorp, Inc.00.00
SBCPSunshine Bancorp, Inc.00.00
UMPQUmpqua Holdings Corporation00.00
UCBAUnited Community Bancorp00.00
WNEBWestern New England Bancorp, Inc.00.00
RKDAArcadia Biosciences, Inc.00.00
EVGNEvogene Ltd.00.00
MBIIMarrone Bio Innovations, Inc.00.00
XLRNAcceleron Pharma Inc.00.00
ACORAcorda Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
ADAPAdaptimmune Therapeutics plc00.00
ADMAADMA Biologics Inc00.00
ADVMAdverum Biotechnologies, Inc.00.00
GNMXAevi Genomic Medicine, Inc.00.00
AGENAgenus Inc.00.00
AGTCApplied Genetic Technologies Corporation00.00
APTOAptose Biosciences, Inc.00.00
ARIAARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
ATRAAtara Biotherapeutics, Inc.00.00
BOLDAudentes Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
AVIRAviragen Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
BCRXBioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
BIIBBiogen Inc.00.00
BLUEbluebird bio, Inc.00.00
BCLIBrainstorm Cell Therapeutics Inc.00.00
CASICASI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
CLLSCellectis S.A.00.00
CBMGCellular Biomedicine Group, Inc.00.00
CSBRChampions Oncology, Inc.00.00
CBPOChina Biologic Products, Inc.00.00
CGENCompugen Ltd.00.00
CRSPCRISPR Therapeutics AG00.00
CRISCuris, Inc.00.00
CYTRCytRx Corporation00.00
DMTXDimension Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
EDITEditas Medicine, Inc.00.00
EIGREiger BioPharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
FATEFate Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
GENEGenetic Technologies Ltd00.00
GNCAGenocea Biosciences, Inc.00.00
GILDGilead Sciences, Inc.00.00
HALOHalozyme Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
IDRAIdera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
JUNOJuno Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
KITEKite Pharma, Inc.00.00
LBIOLion Biotechnologies, Inc.00.00
MESOMesoblast Limited00.00
MNTAMomenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
CURNeuralstem, Inc.00.00
NVAXNovavax, Inc.00.00
ONVOOrganovo Holdings, Inc.00.00
PDLIPDL BioPharma, Inc.00.00
RPRXRepros Therapeutics Inc.00.00
SGMOSangamo Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
SGENSeattle Genetics, Inc.00.00
ONCESpark Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
TROVTrovaGene, Inc.00.00
TROVUTrovaGene, Inc.00.00
VBIVVBI Vaccines, Inc.00.00
VCELVericel Corporation00.00
VICLVical Incorporated00.00
WINTWindtree Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
AVXLAnavex Life Sciences Corp.00.00
CASCCascadian Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
CBLICleveland BioLabs, Inc.00.00
EXASExact Sciences Corporation00.00
EXELExelixis, Inc.00.00
INCYIncyte Corporation00.00
PIRSPieris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
TENXTenax Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
EYESSecond Sight Medical Products, Inc.00.00
ABIOARCA biopharma, Inc.00.00
BIOPBioptix, Inc00.00
CLDXCelldex Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
ICCCImmuCell Corporation00.00
IMMUImmunomedics, Inc.00.00
NTLAIntellia Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
MYGNMyriad Genetics, Inc.00.00
NYMXNymox Pharmaceutical Corporation00.00
OGXIOncoGenex Pharmaceuticals Inc.00.00
HBIOHarvard Bioscience, Inc.00.00
HTGMHTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc.00.00
ILMNIllumina, Inc.00.00
PACBPacific Biosciences of California, Inc.00.00
PSDVpSivida Corp.00.00
WGBSWaferGen Bio-systems, Inc.00.00
SEEDOrigin Agritech Limited00.00
TYHTShineco, Inc.00.00
CLBSCaladrius Biosciences, Inc.00.00
CBMXCombiMatrix Corporation00.00
RTIXRTI Surgical, Inc.00.00
ABEOAbeona Therapeutics Inc.00.00
ACHNAchillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
ADROAduro Biotech, Inc.00.00
ADXSAdvaxis, Inc.00.00
AEZSAEterna Zentaris Inc.00.00
AFMDAffimed N.V.00.00
ALBOAlbireo Pharma, Inc.00.00
ADHDAlcobra Ltd.00.00
ALDRAlder BioPharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
ALDXAldeyra Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
ALXNAlexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
ALNYAlnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
AMAGAMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
AMRNAmarin Corporation plc00.00
ANIPANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
APRIApricus Biosciences, Inc.00.00
APVOAptevo Therapeutics Inc.00.00
PETXAratana Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
ABUSArbutus Biopharma Corporation00.00
ARDXArdelyx, Inc.00.00
ARNAArena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
ARGSArgos Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
ARQLArQule, Inc.00.00
ARWRArrowhead Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
ASMBAssembly Biosciences, Inc.00.00
ATHXAthersys, Inc.00.00
BLCMBellicum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
BNTCBenitec Biopharma Limited00.00
ORPNBioblast Pharma Ltd.00.00
BMRNBioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.00.00
BPMCBlueprint Medicines Corporation00.00
CAPRCapricor Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
CELGCelgene Corporation00.00
CELGZCelgene Corporation00.00
CLRBCellectar Biosciences, Inc.00.00
CLSNCelsion Corporation00.00
CYADCelyad SA00.00
CERCCerecor Inc.00.00
CCXIChemoCentryx, Inc.00.00
CLSDClearside Biomedical, Inc.00.00
CXRXConcordia International Corp.00.00
CFRXContraFect Corporation00.00
CTRVContraVir Pharmaceuticals Inc00.00
CORICorium International, Inc.00.00
CRVSCorvus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
CTICCTI BioPharma Corp.00.00
CBAYCymaBay Therapeutics Inc.00.00
CYTKCytokinetics, Incorporated00.00
CTMXCytomX Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
DERMDermira, Inc.00.00
DFFNDiffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc.00.00
DVAXDynavax Technologies Corporation00.00
EDGEEdge Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
EBIOEleven Biotherapeutics, Inc.00.00
ECYTEndocyte, Inc.00.00
EPZMEpizyme, Inc.00.00
ESPREsperion Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
EVOKEvoke Pharma, Inc.00.00
FCSCFibrocell Science Inc00.00
FGENFibroGen, Inc00.00
FPRXFive Prime Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
FLKSFlex Pharma, Inc.00.00
FBIOFortress Biotech, Inc.00.00
GALEGalena Biopharma, Inc.00.00
GNVCGenVec, Inc.00.00
GERNGeron Corporation00.00
GLYCGlycoMimetics, Inc.00.00
GTXIGTx, Inc.00.00
IMGNImmunoGen, Inc.00.00
INFIInfinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
INNLInnocoll Holdings00.00
INVAInnoviva, Inc.00.00
INSMInsmed, Inc.00.00
ICPTIntercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
IONSIonis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
KMDAKamada Ltd.00.00
KPTIKaryopharm Therapeutics Inc.00.00
KMPHKemPharm, Inc.00.00
KURAKura Oncology, Inc.00.00
LXRXLexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
LGNDLigand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated00.00
LOXOLoxo Oncology, Inc.00.00
MBVXMabVax Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.00.00
MGNXMacroGenics, Inc.00.00
MEIPMEI Pharma, Inc.00.00
MACKMerrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
MIRNMirna Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
MYOSMYOS RENS Technology Inc.00.00
NBRVNabriva Therapeutics AG00.00
NLNKNewLink Genetics Corporation00.00
NVLSNivalis Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
NVLNNovelion Therapeutics Inc. 00.00
OMEROmeros Corporation00.00
OMEDOncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
ONTXOnconova Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
ONCSOncoSec Medical Incorporated00.00
OPXAOpexa Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
OTICOtonomy, Inc.00.00
OVASOvaScience Inc.00.00
PRTKParatek Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 00.00
PPHMPeregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc.00.00
PPHMPPeregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc.00.00
PRANPrana Biotechnology Ltd00.00
PBMDPrima BioMed Ltd00.00
PRTAProthena Corporation plc00.00
PTCTPTC Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
PULMPulmatrix, Inc.00.00
PBYIPuma Biotechnology Inc00.00
REGNRegeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
RTRXRetrophin, Inc.00.00
RIGLRigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
ROSGRosetta Genomics Ltd.00.00
RXIIRXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation00.00
SAGESage Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
SELBSelecta Biosciences, Inc.00.00
SRRASierra Oncology, Inc.00.00
SVASinovac Biotech, Ltd.00.00
SPPISpectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
SBOTStellar Biotechnologies, Inc.00.00
STMLStemline Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
SBBPStrongbridge Biopharma plc00.00
SNSSSunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
SNDXSyndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
TPIVTapImmune Inc.00.00
MDCOThe Medicines Company00.00
TBPHTheravance Biopharma, Inc.00.00
TKAITokai Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
TRILTrillium Therapeutics Inc.00.00
RAREUltragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc.00.00
UTHRUnited Therapeutics Corporation00.00
VSTMVerastem, Inc.00.00
VSARVersartis, Inc.00.00
VRTXVertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated00.00
VKTXViking Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
VTGNVistaGen Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
WVEWAVE Life Sciences Ltd.00.00
XBITXBiotech Inc.00.00
XBIOXenetic Biosciences, Inc.00.00
XENEXenon Pharmaceuticals Inc.00.00
XOMAXOMA Corporation00.00
XTLBXTL Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.00.00
ZIOPZIOPHARM Oncology Inc00.00
BIOCBiocept, Inc.00.00
FMIFoundation Medicine, Inc.00.00
OPGNOpGen, Inc.00.00
VCYTVeracyte, Inc.00.00
ALQAAlliqua BioMedical, Inc.00.00
ATOSAtossa Genetics Inc.00.00
BSTGBiostage, Inc.00.00
INOInovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
AQBAquaBounty Technologies, Inc.00.00
APOPCellect Biotechnology Ltd.00.00
SPHSSophiris Bio, Inc.00.00
NEONeoGenomics, Inc.00.00
CDXCChromaDex Corporation00.00
ENZYEnzymotec Ltd.00.00
APOGApogee Enterprises, Inc.00.00
CSTECaesarstone Ltd.00.00
CCCLChina Ceramics Co., Ltd.00.00
FRTAForterra, Inc.00.00
USCRU S Concrete, Inc.00.00
YECOYulong Eco-Materials Limited00.00
EFOIEnergy Focus, Inc.00.00
LYTSLSI Industries Inc.00.00
PGTIPGT Innovations, Inc.00.00
TGLSTecnoglass Inc.00.00
CADCChina Advanced Construction Materials Group, Inc.00.00
PATKPatrick Industries, Inc.00.00
UFPIUniversal Forest Products, Inc.00.00
AAONAAON, Inc.00.00
TGENTecogen Inc.00.00
BWENBroadwind Energy, Inc.00.00
BLDRBuilders FirstSource, Inc.00.00
CREECree, Inc.00.00
ROCKGibraltar Industries, Inc.00.00
OSNOssen Innovation Co., Ltd.00.00
CTASCintas Corporation00.00
MNROMonro Muffler Brake, Inc.00.00
AMRIAlbany Molecular Research, Inc.00.00
INCRINC Research Holdings, Inc.00.00
LUNALuna Innovations Incorporated00.00
NRCIANational Research Corporation00.00
NRCIBNational Research Corporation00.00
PRXLPAREXEL International Corporation00.00
RILYLB. Riley Financial, Inc.00.00
CCNCardConnect Corp.00.00
CATMCardtronics plc00.00
CLCTCollectors Universe, Inc.00.00
CSGPCoStar Group, Inc.00.00
HQYHealthEquity, Inc.00.00
HMSYHMS Holdings Corp00.00
MGIMoneygram International, Inc.00.00
PYPLPayPal Holdings, Inc.00.00
PFSWPFSweb, Inc.00.00
QIWIQIWI plc00.00
RECNResources Connection, Inc.00.00
SREVServiceSource International, Inc.00.00
SGRPSPAR Group, Inc.00.00
NTRINutriSystem Inc00.00
ALOTAstroNova, Inc.00.00 Holdings, Inc.00.00
PCTYPaylocity Holding Corporation00.00
EDGWEdgewater Technology, Inc.00.00
INFOIHS Markit Ltd.00.00
IPDNProfessional Diversity Network, Inc.00.00
SABRSabre Corporation00.00
FORRForrester Research, Inc.00.00
HSIIHeidrick & Struggles International, Inc.00.00
MGRCMcGrath RentCorp00.00
PRGXPRGX Global, Inc.00.00
RCIIRent-A-Center Inc.00.00
ADPAutomatic Data Processing, Inc.00.00
INTXIntersections, Inc.00.00
JMUJMU Limited00.00
VRSKVerisk Analytics, Inc.00.00
PRCPPerceptron, Inc.00.00
PMTSCPI Card Group Inc.00.00
TREELendingTree, Inc.00.00
HCSGHealthcare Services Group, Inc.00.00
EEFTEuronet Worldwide, Inc.00.00
MKTXMarketAxess Holdings, Inc.00.00
UEPSNet 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc.00.00
MORNMorningstar, Inc.00.00
AVEOAVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
OMEXOdyssey Marine Exploration, Inc.00.00
MATWMatthews International Corporation00.00
GLDDGreat Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation00.00
WLDNWilldan Group, Inc.00.00
TAXLiberty Tax, Inc.00.00
PCOPendrell Corporation00.00
RPXCRPX Corporation00.00
RILYB. Riley Financial, Inc.00.00
APEIAmerican Public Education, Inc.00.00
ASCMAAscent Capital Group, Inc.00.00
CPLACapella Education Company00.00
CECOCareer Education Corporation00.00
CRAICRA International,Inc.00.00
LOPEGrand Canyon Education, Inc.00.00
HLGHailiang Education Group Inc.00.00
HMNYHelios and Matheson Analytics Inc00.00
LINCLincoln Educational Services Corporation00.00
NAUHNational American University Holdings, Inc.00.00
PFMTPerformant Financial Corporation00.00
STRAStrayer Education, Inc.00.00
TEDUTarena International, Inc.00.00
ABCOThe Advisory Board Company00.00
BBSIBarrett Business Services, Inc.00.00
CRTNCartesian, Inc.00.00
CCRNCross Country Healthcare, Inc.00.00
DLHCDLH Holdings Corp.00.00
HSONHudson Global, Inc.00.00
HURNHuron Consulting Group Inc.00.00
ICFIICF International, Inc.00.00
IIIInformation Services Group, Inc.00.00
KELYAKelly Services, Inc.00.00
KELYBKelly Services, Inc.00.00
KFRCKforce, Inc.00.00
RCMTRCM Technologies, Inc.00.00
STAFStaffing 360 Solutions, Inc.00.00
HCKTThe Hackett Group, Inc.00.00
WHLMWilhelmina International, Inc.00.00
ABCDCambium Learning Group, Inc.00.00
CMPRCimpress N.V00.00
PNTRPointer Telocation Ltd.00.00
CIGIColliers International Group Inc. 00.00
CARAvis Budget Group, Inc.00.00
SPSP Plus Corporation00.00
CRVLCorVel Corp.00.00
COGTCogint, Inc.00.00
ABILAbility Inc.00.00
CCRCChina Customer Relations Centers, Inc.00.00
EXLSExlService Holdings, Inc.00.00
NSITInsight Enterprises, Inc.00.00
BRCDBrocade Communications Systems, Inc.00.00
ELONEchelon Corporation00.00
EFIIElectronics for Imaging, Inc.00.00
CRAYCray Inc00.00
SCKTSocket Mobile, Inc.00.00
SMCISuper Micro Computer, Inc.00.00
XPLRXplore Technologies Corp00.00
FTNTFortinet, Inc.00.00
IMMRImmersion Corporation00.00
KTCCKey Tronic Corporation00.00
LOGILogitech International S.A.00.00
MITKMitek Systems, Inc.00.00
RSYSRadiSys Corporation00.00
SSYSStratasys, Ltd.00.00
TISATop Image Systems, Ltd.00.00
TACTTransAct Technologies Incorporated00.00
CHKPCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.00.00
CNITChina Information Technology, Inc.00.00
NTWKNetSol Technologies Inc.00.00
NTNXNutanix, Inc.00.00
QLYSQualys, Inc.00.00
QUMUQumu Corporation00.00
SCWXSecureWorks Corp.00.00
VRNSVaronis Systems, Inc.00.00
ARISARI Network Services, Inc.00.00
AGYSAgilysys, Inc.00.00
DOXAmdocs Limited00.00
CARBCarbonite, Inc.00.00
CTSHCognizant Technology Solutions Corporation00.00
CTGComputer Task Group, Incorporated00.00
CSPICSP Inc.00.00
DMRCDigimarc Corporation00.00
MATRMattersight Corporation00.00
MENTMentor Graphics Corporation00.00
MDSYModSys International Ltd.00.00
NCITNCI, Inc.00.00
NTCTNetScout Systems, Inc.00.00
SYKESykes Enterprises, Incorporated00.00
SYNTSyntel, Inc.00.00
KEYWThe KEYW Holding Corporation00.00
TSRITSR, Inc.00.00
VRTUVirtusa Corporation00.00
DAIOData I/O Corporation00.00
MRCYMercury Systems Inc00.00
MICTMicronet Enertec Technologies, Inc.00.00
NNDMNano Dimension Ltd.00.00
DRAMDataram Corporation00.00
MSDIMonster Digital, Inc.00.00
NTAPNetApp, Inc.00.00
QBAKQualstar Corporation00.00
STXSeagate Technology PLC00.00
WDCWestern Digital Corporation00.00
KRNTKornit Digital Ltd.00.00
MXWLMaxwell Technologies, Inc.00.00
MTSCMTS Systems Corporation00.00
XONEThe ExOne Company00.00
BOOMDMC Global Inc.00.00
ICADicad inc.00.00
FNJNFinjan Holdings, Inc.00.00
ITUSITUS Corporation00.00
USATUSA Technologies, Inc.00.00
USATPUSA Technologies, Inc.00.00
RTNBroot9B Holdings, Inc. 00.00
TTECTeleTech Holdings, Inc.00.00
TCCOTechnical Communications Corporation00.00
VUZIVuzix Corporation00.00
MRAMEverspin Technologies, Inc.00.00
NLSTNetlist, Inc.00.00
TSRATessera Holding Corporation 00.00
BBRYBlackBerry Limited00.00
INVTInventergy Global, Inc.00.00
LITELumentum Holdings Inc.00.00
JTPYJetPay Corporation00.00
GECGreat Elm Capital Group, Inc. 00.00
CLDCChina Lending Corporation00.00
ASFIAsta Funding, Inc.00.00
ECPGEncore Capital Group Inc00.00
NICKNicholas Financial, Inc.00.00
ATAXAmerica First Multifamily Investors, L.P.00.00
ATLCAtlanticus Holdings Corporation00.00
HAWKBlackhawk Network Holdings, Inc.00.00
CPSSConsumer Portfolio Services, Inc.00.00
CACCCredit Acceptance Corporation00.00
LMFALM Funding America, Inc.00.00
ISMNavient Corporation00.00
JSMNavient Corporation00.00
OSMNavient Corporation00.00
NEWSNewStar Financial, Inc.00.00
PRAAPRA Group, Inc.00.00
SLMSLM Corporation00.00
SLMAPSLM Corporation00.00
SLMBPSLM Corporation00.00
WRLDWorld Acceptance Corporation00.00
BGCPBGC Partners, Inc.00.00
CLMSCalamos Asset Management, Inc.00.00
CBOECBOE Holdings, Inc.00.00
CMECME Group Inc.00.00
COWNCowen Group, Inc.00.00
COWNLCowen Group, Inc.00.00
FBRCFBR & Co00.00
FXCMFXCM Inc.00.00
IBKRInteractive Brokers Group, Inc.00.00
INTLINTL FCStone Inc.00.00
LPLALPL Financial Holdings Inc.00.00
NHLDNational Holdings Corporation00.00
NAVINavient Corporation00.00
SEICSEI Investments Company00.00
SIEBSiebert Financial Corp.00.00
TROWT. Rowe Price Group, Inc.00.00
AMTDTD Ameritrade Holding Corporation00.00
VIRTVirtu Financial, Inc.00.00
WETFWisdomTree Investments, Inc.00.00
YINYintech Investment Holdings Limited00.00
DHILDiamond Hill Investment Group, Inc.00.00
FNGNFinancial Engines, Inc.00.00
HNNAHennessy Advisors, Inc.00.00
SAMGSilvercrest Asset Management Group Inc.00.00
GROWU.S. Global Investors, Inc.00.00
VRTSVirtus Investment Partners, Inc.00.00
ZAISZAIS Group Holdings, Inc.00.00
CFNBCalifornia First National Bancorp00.00
MRLNMarlin Business Services Corp.00.00
FULLLGreat Elm Capital Corp.00.00
GECCGreat Elm Capital Corp.00.00
NEWTNewtek Business Services Corp.00.00
NEWTLNewtek Business Services Corp.00.00
NEWTZNewtek Business Services Corp.00.00
ASPSAltisource Portfolio Solutions S.A.00.00
MMACMMA Capital Management, LLC00.00
ETFCE*TRADE Financial Corporation00.00
ABYAtlantica Yield plc00.00
AEISAdvanced Energy Industries, Inc.00.00
AETIAmerican Electric Technologies, Inc.00.00
AMSCAmerican Superconductor Corporation00.00
APWCAsia Pacific Wire & Cable Corporation Limited00.00
CAFD8point3 Energy Partners LP00.00
CPSTCapstone Turbine Corporation00.00
CREGChina Recycling Energy Corporation00.00
ENOCEnerNOC, Inc.00.00
HPJHighpower International Inc00.00
IIINInsteel Industries, Inc.00.00
IPWRIdeal Power Inc.00.00
LFUSLittelfuse, Inc.00.00
MGEEMGE Energy Inc.00.00
NOVTNovanta Inc.00.00
NSYSNortech Systems Incorporated00.00
OESXOrion Energy Systems, Inc.00.00
OLEDUniversal Display Corporation00.00
OTTROtter Tail Corporation00.00
POWLPowell Industries, Inc.00.00
PPSIPioneer Power Solutions, Inc.00.00
REFRResearch Frontiers Incorporated00.00
RVLTRevolution Lighting Technologies, Inc.00.00
SCONSuperconductor Technologies Inc.00.00
SPKESpark Energy, Inc.00.00
SPWRSunPower Corporation00.00
SYMXSynthesis Energy Systems, Inc.00.00
ULBIUltralife Corporation00.00
VICRVicor Corporation00.00
WATTEnergous Corporation00.00
WIREEncore Wire Corporation00.00
AAOIApplied Optoelectronics, Inc.00.00
AEHRAehr Test Systems00.00
AMOTAllied Motion Technologies, Inc.00.00
APDNApplied DNA Sciences Inc00.00
BELFABel Fuse Inc.00.00
BELFBBel Fuse Inc.00.00
BNSOBonso Electronics International, Inc.00.00
CAMTCamtek Ltd.00.00
CBAKCBAK Energy Technology, Inc.00.00
COHRCoherent, Inc.00.00
CTRLControl4 Corporation00.00
CUICUI Global, Inc.00.00
CYBECyberOptics Corporation00.00
DGLYDigital Ally, Inc.00.00
ELSEElectro-Sensors, Inc.00.00
ELTKEltek Ltd.00.00
ESIOElectro Scientific Industries, Inc.00.00
FAROFARO Technologies, Inc.00.00
FEIMFrequency Electronics, Inc.00.00
FLDMFluidigm Corporation00.00
FLEXFlex Ltd.00.00
FLIRFLIR Systems, Inc.00.00
GIGAGiga-tronics Incorporated00.00
GNTXGentex Corporation00.00
GPROGoPro, Inc.00.00
GRMNGarmin Ltd.00.00
HEARTurtle Beach Corporation00.00
IINIntriCon Corporation00.00
IIVIII-VI Incorporated00.00
INVEIdentiv, Inc.00.00
ISIGInsignia Systems, Inc.00.00
ISNSImage Sensing Systems, Inc.00.00
ITIIteris, Inc.00.00
ITRIItron, Inc.00.00
ITRNIturan Location and Control Ltd.00.00
KEKimball Electronics, Inc.00.00
LEDSSemiLEDS Corporation00.00
LINKInterlink Electronics, Inc.00.00
LRADLRAD Corporation00.00
MAGSMagal Security Systems Ltd.00.00
MLABMesa Laboratories, Inc.00.00
MOCOMOCON, Inc.00.00
MVISMicrovision, Inc.00.00
NATINational Instruments Corporation00.00
NSSCNAPCO Security Technologies, Inc.00.00
NVECNVE Corporation00.00
NXTDNXT-ID Inc.00.00
ORBKOrbotech Ltd.00.00
OSISOSI Systems, Inc.00.00
OTIVOn Track Innovations Ltd00.00
PLXSPlexus Corp.00.00
RADARADA Electronic Industries Ltd.00.00
RESNResonant Inc.00.00
SANMSanmina Corporation00.00
SEVSevcon, Inc.00.00
SGMASigmaTron International, Inc.00.00
SMTXSMTC Corporation00.00
SPCBSuperCom, Ltd.00.00
SYPRSypris Solutions, Inc.00.00
TASRTASER International, Inc.00.00
TECDTech Data Corporation00.00
TRMBTrimble Inc.00.00
TRNSTranscat, Inc.00.00
TTMITTM Technologies, Inc.00.00
UNXLUni-Pixel, Inc.00.00
WWDWoodward, Inc.00.00
AMRSAmyris, Inc.00.00
AMTXAemetis, Inc00.00
BLDPBallard Power Systems, Inc.00.00
CLNEClean Energy Fuels Corp.00.00
CSIQCanadian Solar Inc.00.00
ENPHEnphase Energy, Inc.00.00
FCELFuelCell Energy, Inc.00.00
FSLRFirst Solar, Inc.00.00
GEVOGevo, Inc.00.00
GLBLTerraForm Global, Inc.00.00
GPREGreen Plains, Inc.00.00
HQCLHanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd. 00.00
HYGSHydrogenics Corporation00.00
JASOJA Solar Holdings, Co., Ltd.00.00
LTBRLightbridge Corporation00.00
OPTTOcean Power Technologies, Inc.00.00
PEGIPattern Energy Group Inc.00.00
PEIXPacific Ethanol, Inc.00.00
PLUGPlug Power, Inc.00.00
REGIRenewable Energy Group, Inc.00.00
RUNSunrun Inc.00.00
SEDGSolarEdge Technologies, Inc.00.00
SKYSSky Solar Holdings, Ltd.00.00
SPISPI Energy Co., Ltd.00.00
SUNWSunworks, Inc.00.00
TERPTerraForm Power, Inc.00.00
TPICTPI Composites, Inc.00.00
VVPRVivoPower International PLC00.00
AMMAAlliance MMA, Inc.00.00
AYAAmaya Inc.00.00
CACQCaesars Acquisition Company00.00
CHDNChurchill Downs, Incorporated00.00
CPHCCanterbury Park Holding Corporation00.00
DHXMDHX Media Ltd.00.00
EGTEntertainment Gaming Asia Incorporated00.00
ERIEldorado Resorts, Inc.00.00
GDENGolden Entertainment, Inc.00.00
GPICGaming Partners International Corporation00.00
IKGHIao Kun Group Holding Company Limited00.00
INSEInspired Entertainment, Inc.00.00
ISCAInternational Speedway Corporation00.00
ISLEIsle of Capri Casinos, Inc.00.00
NCMINational CineMedia, Inc.00.00
NYNYEmpire Resorts, Inc.00.00
PENNPenn National Gaming, Inc.00.00
PNKPinnacle Entertainment, Inc.00.00
RDIReading International Inc00.00
RDIBReading International Inc00.00
RICKRCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc.00.00
RRRRed Rock Resorts, Inc.00.00
SGMSScientific Games Corp00.00
SKISPeak Resorts, Inc.00.00
ADESAdvanced Emissions Solutions, Inc.00.00
AQMSAqua Metals, Inc.00.00
ARCIAppliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc.00.00
CDTIClean Diesel Technologies, Inc.00.00
CECECECO Environmental Corp.00.00
CETXCemtrex Inc.00.00
CWSTCasella Waste Systems, Inc.00.00
ECOLUS Ecology, Inc.00.00
EEIEcology and Environment, Inc.00.00
ERIIEnergy Recovery, Inc.00.00
FENXFenix Parts, Inc.00.00
FTEKFuel Tech, Inc.00.00
HCCIHeritage-Crystal Clean, Inc.00.00
HDSNHudson Technologies, Inc.00.00
IDSAIndustrial Services of America, Inc.00.00
MNGAMagneGas Corporation00.00
MRDNMeridian Waste Solutions, Inc00.00
PCYOPure Cycle Corporation00.00
PESIPerma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc.00.00
QRHCQuest Resource Holding Corporation.00.00
SMEDSharps Compliance Corp00.00
SRCLStericycle, Inc.00.00
SRCLPStericycle, Inc.00.00
TTEKTetra Tech, Inc.00.00
BRIDBridgford Foods Corporation00.00
BUFFBlue Buffalo Pet Products, Inc.00.00
BURBurcon NutraScience Corp00.00
CALMCal-Maine Foods, Inc.00.00
CHEFThe Chefs' Warehouse, Inc.00.00
CVGWCalavo Growers, Inc.00.00
HAINThe Hain Celestial Group, Inc.00.00
IMKTAIngles Markets, Incorporated00.00
JBSSJohn B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc.00.00
JJSFJ & J Snack Foods Corp.00.00
LANCLancaster Colony Corporation00.00
LNCESnyder's-Lance, Inc.00.00
LWAYLifeway Foods, Inc.00.00
MDLZMondelez International, Inc.00.00
PMEPingtan Marine Enterprise Ltd.00.00
PPCPilgrim's Pride Corporation00.00
RMCFRocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc.00.00
SAFMSanderson Farms, Inc.00.00
SENEASeneca Foods Corp.00.00
SENEBSeneca Foods Corp.00.00
SFMSprouts Farmers Market, Inc.00.00
SNAKInventure Foods, Inc.00.00
SNMXSenomyx, Inc.00.00
SPTNSpartanNash Company00.00
STKLSunOpta, Inc.00.00
STKSThe ONE Group Hospitality, Inc.00.00
TVIATerraVia Holdings, Inc.00.00
TWNKHostess Brands, Inc.00.00
UNFIUnited Natural Foods, Inc.00.00
VLGEAVillage Super Market, Inc.00.00
WFMWhole Foods Market, Inc.00.00
WILCG. Willi-Food International, Ltd.00.00
AAAPAdvanced Accelerator Applications S.A.00.00
ACHCAcadia Healthcare Company, Inc.00.00
ADUSAddus HomeCare Corporation00.00
AEMDAethlon Medical, Inc.00.00
AFAMAlmost Family Inc00.00
AHPIAllied Healthcare Products, Inc.00.00
AIQAlliance HealthCare Services, Inc.00.00
AIRMAir Methods Corporation00.00
AKERAkers Biosciences Inc00.00
ALGNAlign Technology, Inc.00.00
ALOGAnalogic Corporation00.00
AMDAAmedica Corporation00.00
AMEDAmedisys Inc00.00
ANGOAngioDynamics, Inc.00.00
APENApollo Endosurgery, Inc.00.00
ARAYAccuray Incorporated00.00
ATECAlphatec Holdings, Inc.00.00
ATRCAtriCure, Inc.00.00
ATRIAtrion Corporation00.00
AVGRAvinger, Inc.00.00
AXDXAccelerate Diagnostics, Inc.00.00
AXGNAxoGen, Inc.00.00
BABYNatus Medical Incorporated00.00
BASIBioanalytical Systems, Inc.00.00
BEATBioTelemetry, Inc.00.00
BIOLBiolase, Inc.00.00
BLFSBioLife Solutions, Inc.00.00
BLPHBellerophon Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
BMRABiomerica, Inc.00.00
BRKRBruker Corporation00.00
CASMCAS Medical Systems, Inc.00.00
CDNACareDx, Inc.00.00
CEMIChembio Diagnostics, Inc.00.00
CERSCerus Corporation00.00
CFMSConforMIS, Inc.00.00
CGIXCancer Genetics, Inc.00.00
CGNTCogentix Medical, Inc.00.00
CHEKCheck-Cap Ltd.00.00
CNMDCONMED Corporation00.00
CSIICardiovascular Systems, Inc.00.00
CTSOCytosorbents Corporation00.00
CUTRCutera, Inc.00.00
CYHHZCommunity Health Systems, Inc.00.00
CYNOCynosure, Inc.00.00
DCTHDelcath Systems, Inc.00.00
DRADDigirad Corporation00.00
DVCRDiversicare Healthcare Services Inc.00.00
DXTRDextera Surgical Inc.00.00
DYNTDynatronics Corporation00.00
EKSOEkso Bionics Holdings, Inc.00.00
ELGXEndologix, Inc.00.00
ELOSSyneron Medical Ltd.00.00
ENSGThe Ensign Group, Inc.00.00
ENTLEntellus Medical, Inc.00.00
ETRMEnteroMedics Inc.00.00
EVARLombard Medical, Inc.00.00
EXACExactech, Inc.00.00
FHCOFemale Health Company (The)00.00
FLGTFulgent Genetics, Inc.00.00
FONRFonar Corporation00.00
FVEFive Star Quality Care, Inc.00.00
GHDXGenomic Health, Inc.00.00
GNMKGenMark Diagnostics, Inc.00.00
HOLXHologic, Inc.00.00
HSICHenry Schein, Inc.00.00
IARTIntegra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation00.00
ICLRICON plc00.00
ICUIICU Medical, Inc.00.00
IDXGInterpace Diagnostics Group, Inc.00.00
IDXXIDEXX Laboratories, Inc.00.00
INGNInogen, Inc00.00
IRIXIRIDEX Corporation00.00
IRMDiRadimed Corporation00.00
IRTCiRhythm Technologies, Inc.00.00
ISRGIntuitive Surgical, Inc.00.00
IVTYInvuity, Inc.00.00
JNPJuniper Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
JYNTThe Joint Corp.00.00
KANGiKang Healthcare Group, Inc.00.00
KOOLCesca Therapeutics Inc.00.00
KTWOK2M Group Holdings, Inc.00.00
LENSPresbia PLC00.00
LHCGLHC Group00.00
LIVNLivaNova PLC00.00
LMATLeMaitre Vascular, Inc.00.00
LMNXLuminex Corporation00.00
LNTHLantheus Holdings, Inc.00.00
LPNTLifePoint Health, Inc.00.00
MASIMasimo Corporation00.00
MBOTMicrobot Medical Inc. 00.00
MDGSMedigus Ltd.00.00
MDVXMedovex Corp.00.00
MDXGMiMedx Group, Inc00.00
MEDPMedpace Holdings, Inc.00.00
MGCDMGC Diagnostics Corporation00.00
MGLNMagellan Health, Inc.00.00
MMSIMerit Medical Systems, Inc.00.00
MYSZMy Size, Inc.00.00
MZORMazor Robotics Ltd.00.00
NOVNNovan, Inc.00.00
NSTGNanoString Technologies, Inc.00.00
NTRANatera, Inc.00.00
NURONeuroMetrix, Inc.00.00
NUVANuVasive, Inc.00.00
NVCNNeovasc Inc.00.00
NVCRNovoCure Limited00.00
NVDQNovadaq Technologies Inc00.00
NVIVInVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp.00.00
NVTRNuvectra Corporation00.00
NXTMNxStage Medical, Inc.00.00
OBLNObalon Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
OFIXOrthofix International N.V.00.00
OPKOpko Health, Inc.00.00
OSUROraSure Technologies, Inc.00.00
OXFDOxford Immunotec Global PLC00.00
PAVMPAVmed Inc.00.00
PDCOPatterson Companies, Inc.00.00
PHMDPhotoMedex, Inc.00.00
PLSEPulse Biosciences, Inc00.00
PMDPsychemedics Corporation00.00
PODDInsulet Corporation00.00
PRSCThe Providence Service Corporation00.00
QDELQuidel Corporation00.00
QTNTQuotient Limited00.00
RDNTRadNet, Inc.00.00
RGENRepligen Corporation00.00
RMTIRockwell Medical, Inc.00.00
RNVARennova Health, Inc.00.00
ROKARoka Bioscience, Inc.00.00
RWLKReWalk Robotics Ltd00.00
SCAISurgical Care Affiliates, Inc.00.00
SGNLSignal Genetics, Inc.00.00
SGRYSurgery Partners, Inc.00.00
SIENSientra, Inc.00.00
SKLNSkyline Medical Inc.00.00
SPANSpan-America Medical Systems, Inc.00.00
SPNCThe Spectranetics Corporation00.00
SPNESeaSpine Holdings Corporation00.00
SRDXSurmodics, Inc.00.00
SRTSSensus Healthcare, Inc.00.00
SSHSunshine Heart Inc00.00
SSKNStrata Skin Sciences, Inc.00.00
STAASTAAR Surgical Company00.00
TBIOTransgenomic, Inc.00.00
TCMDTactile Systems Technology, Inc.00.00
TEARTearLab Corporation00.00
TECHBio-Techne Corp00.00
TNDMTandem Diabetes Care, Inc.00.00
TRIBTrinity Biotech plc00.00
TTOOT2 Biosystems, Inc.00.00
TVTYTivity Health, Inc.00.00
UGUnited-Guardian, Inc.00.00
UNISUnilife Corporation00.00
UTMDUtah Medical Products, Inc.00.00
VASCVascular Solutions, Inc.00.00
VIVEViveve Medical, Inc.00.00
VIVOMeridian Bioscience Inc.00.00
VRAYViewRay, Inc.00.00
VREXVarex Imaging Corporation00.00
VRMLVermillion, Inc.00.00
VWRVWR Corporation00.00
WMGIWright Medical Group N.V.00.00
WMGIZWright Medical Group N.V.00.00
XENTIntersect ENT, Inc.00.00
ZLTQZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc.00.00
AAPCAtlantic Alliance Partnership Corp.00.00
AHPAAvista Healthcare Public Acquisition Corp.00.00
AHPAUAvista Healthcare Public Acquisition Corp.00.00
ANDAAndina Acquisition Corp. II00.00
ANDARAndina Acquisition Corp. II00.00
ANDAUAndina Acquisition Corp. II00.00
AXARAxar Acquisition Corp.00.00
AXARUAxar Acquisition Corp.00.00
BHACBarington/Hilco Acquisition Corp.00.00
BHACRBarington/Hilco Acquisition Corp.00.00
BHACUBarington/Hilco Acquisition Corp.00.00
BLVDBoulevard Acquisition Corp. II00.00
BLVDUBoulevard Acquisition Corp. II00.00
CFCOCF Corporation00.00
CFCOUCF Corporation00.00
CLACCapitol Acquisition Corp. III00.00
CLACUCapitol Acquisition Corp. III00.00
CPAAConyers Park Acquisition Corp.00.00
CPAAUConyers Park Acquisition Corp.00.00
EACQEasterly Acquisition Corp.00.00
EACQUEasterly Acquisition Corp.00.00
EAGLDouble Eagle Acquisition Corp.00.00
EAGLUDouble Eagle Acquisition Corp.00.00
ECACE-compass Acquisition Corp.00.00
ECACRE-compass Acquisition Corp.00.00
ECACUE-compass Acquisition Corp.00.00
ELECElectrum Special Acquisition Corporation00.00
ELECUElectrum Special Acquisition Corporation00.00
FHFORM Holdings Corp.00.00
FNTEUFinTech Acquisition Corp. II00.00
GPACGlobal Partner Acquisition Corp.00.00
GPACUGlobal Partner Acquisition Corp.00.00
GPIAGP Investments Acquisition Corp.00.00
GPIAUGP Investments Acquisition Corp.00.00
GTYHGTY Technology Holdings, Inc.00.00
GTYHUGTY Technology Holdings, Inc.00.00
HCACHennessy Capital Acquisition Corp. II00.00
HCACUHennessy Capital Acquisition Corp. II00.00
HRMNHarmony Merger Corp.00.00
HRMNUHarmony Merger Corp.00.00
HUNTHunter Maritime Acquisition Corp.00.00
HUNTUHunter Maritime Acquisition Corp.00.00
JSYNJensyn Acquistion Corp.00.00
JSYNRJensyn Acquistion Corp.00.00
JSYNUJensyn Acquistion Corp.00.00
KLREKLR Energy Acquisition Corp.00.00
KLREUKLR Energy Acquisition Corp.00.00
LCALandcadia Holdings, Inc.00.00
LCAHULandcadia Holdings, Inc.00.00
LMRKLandmark Infrastructure Partners LP00.00
LMRKOLandmark Infrastructure Partners LP00.00
LMRKPLandmark Infrastructure Partners LP00.00
MACQM I Acquisitions, Inc.00.00
MACQUM I Acquisitions, Inc.00.00
MARAMarathon Patent Group, Inc.00.00
MIIIM III Acquisition Corp.00.00
MIIIUM III Acquisition Corp.00.00
OACQOrigo Acquisition Corporation00.00
OACQROrigo Acquisition Corporation00.00
OACQUOrigo Acquisition Corporation00.00
PAACPacific Special Acquisition Corp.00.00
PAACRPacific Special Acquisition Corp.00.00
PAACUPacific Special Acquisition Corp.00.00
PACEPace Holdings Corp.00.00
PACEUPace Holdings Corp.00.00
QPACQuinpario Acquisition Corp. 200.00
QPACUQuinpario Acquisition Corp. 200.00
SCACSaban Capital Acquisition Corp.00.00
SCACUSaban Capital Acquisition Corp.00.00
STLRStellar Acquisition III Inc.00.00
STLRUStellar Acquisition III Inc.00.00
WINSWins Finance Holdings Inc.00.00
WYIGJM Global Holding Company00.00
WYIGUJM Global Holding Company00.00
SNFCASecurity National Financial Corporation00.00
WMIHWMIH Corp.00.00
ANATAmerican National Insurance Company00.00
AAMEAtlantic American Corporation00.00
GWGHGWG Holdings, Inc00.00
NSECNational Security Group, Inc.00.00
NWLINational Western Life Group, Inc.00.00
TRUPTrupanion, Inc.00.00
PIH1347 Property Insurance Holdings, Inc.00.00
AMBCAmbac Financial Group, Inc.00.00
AFSIAmTrust Financial Services, Inc.00.00
ACGLArch Capital Group Ltd.00.00
ACGLPArch Capital Group Ltd.00.00
AFHAtlas Financial Holdings, Inc.00.00
BWINABaldwin & Lyons, Inc.00.00
BWINBBaldwin & Lyons, Inc.00.00
CINFCincinnati Financial Corporation00.00
CNFRConifer Holdings, Inc.00.00
DGICADonegal Group, Inc.00.00
DGICBDonegal Group, Inc.00.00
EMCIEMC Insurance Group Inc.00.00
ESGREnstar Group Limited00.00
FNHCFederated National Holding Company00.00
GBLIGlobal Indemnity Limited00.00
GBLIZGlobal Indemnity Limited00.00
GLREGreenlight Reinsurance, Ltd.00.00
HALLHallmark Financial Services, Inc.00.00
IPCCInfinity Property and Casualty Corporation00.00
JRVRJames River Group Holdings, Ltd.00.00
KINSKingstone Companies, Inc00.00
KNSLKinsale Capital Group, Inc.00.00
MHLDMaiden Holdings, Ltd.00.00
NGHCNational General Holdings Corp00.00
NGHCNNational General Holdings Corp00.00
NGHCONational General Holdings Corp00.00
NGHCPNational General Holdings Corp00.00
NGHCZNational General Holdings Corp00.00
NMIHNMI Holdings Inc00.00
OXBROxbridge Re Holdings Limited00.00
SAFTSafety Insurance Group, Inc.00.00
SIGISelective Insurance Group, Inc.00.00
STFCState Auto Financial Corporation00.00
SNCState National Companies, Inc.00.00
NAVGThe Navigators Group, Inc.00.00
TILTill Capital Ltd.00.00
UNAMUnico American Corporation00.00
UFCSUnited Fire Group, Inc00.00
UIHCUnited Insurance Holdings Corp.00.00
AGIIArgo Group International Holdings, Ltd.00.00
AGIILArgo Group International Holdings, Ltd.00.00
EHTHeHealth, Inc.00.00
ERIEErie Indemnity Company00.00
FANHFanhua Inc.00.00
HIIQHealth Insurance Innovations, Inc.00.00
ITICInvestors Title Company00.00
WLTWWillis Towers Watson Public Limited Company00.00
ANGIAngie's List, Inc.00.00
CRTOCriteo S.A.00.00
GSOLGlobal Sources Ltd.00.00
GRPNGroupon, Inc.00.00
IZEAIZEA Inc.00.00
MXPTMaxPoint Interactive, Inc.00.00
MEETMeetMe, Inc.00.00
SALERetailMeNot, Inc.00.00
SRAXSocial Reality, Inc.00.00
SCOR00.00 International, Ltd.00.00
EBAYLeBay Inc.00.00
ETSYEtsy, Inc.00.00
GRVYGRAVITY Co., Ltd.00.00
LLNWLimelight Networks, Inc.00.00
LIOXLionbridge Technologies, Inc.00.00
LQDTLiquidity Services, Inc.00.00
MELIMercadoLibre, Inc.00.00
MLNKModusLink Global Solutions, Inc00.00
EGOVNIC Inc.00.00
ONVIOnvia, Inc.00.00
PCOMPoints International, Ltd.00.00
PRZMPrism Technologies Group, Inc.00.00
QNSTQuinStreet, Inc.00.00
REISReis, Inc00.00
NAMERightside Group, Ltd.00.00
SAJASajan, Inc.00.00 Inc.00.00
TTGTTechTarget, Inc.00.00
PCLNThe Priceline Group Inc. 00.00
WBMDWebMD Health Corp00.00
ZZillow Group, Inc.00.00
ZGZillow Group, Inc.00.00
BZUNBaozun Inc.00.00
CDWCDW Corporation00.00
CNVCnova N.V.00.00
LVNTALiberty Interactive Corporation00.00
LVNTBLiberty Interactive Corporation00.00, Inc.00.00
LELands' End, Inc.00.00
FFIVF5 Networks, Inc.00.00
FEYEFireEye, Inc.00.00
ATTUAttunity Ltd.00.00
BLINBridgeline Digital, Inc.00.00
BVSNBroadVision, Inc.00.00
CNXRConnecture, Inc.00.00
CPAHCounterPath Corporation00.00
EGANeGain Corporation00.00
EIGIEndurance International Group Holdings, Inc.00.00
IMPVImperva, Inc.00.00
MIMEMimecast Limited00.00
RPDRapid7, Inc.00.00
SINASina Corporation00.00
SYMCSymantec Corporation00.00 Group, Inc.00.00
XNETXunlei Limited00.00
VNET21Vianet Group, Inc.00.00
GOOGLAlphabet Inc.00.00
ABTLAutobytel Inc.00.00
BIDUBaidu, Inc.00.00
FNCXFunction(x) Inc.00.00
GIGMGigaMedia Limited00.00
HSTMHealthStream, Inc.00.00
INAPInternap Corporation00.00
IIJIInternet Initiative Japan, Inc.00.00
MTCHMatch Group, Inc.00.00
MOXCMoxian, Inc.00.00
FUELRocket Fuel Inc.00.00
SIFYSify Technologies Limited00.00
SYNCSynacor, Inc.00.00
TTDThe Trade Desk, Inc.00.00
TRIPTripAdvisor, Inc.00.00
TRUETrueCar, Inc.00.00
WBWeibo Corporation00.00 Ltd.00.00
YNDXYandex N.V.00.00
CIDMCinedigm Corp00.00
NFLXNetflix, Inc.00.00
NILEBlue Nile, Inc.00.00
JOBS51job, Inc.00.00
FPAYFlexShopper, Inc.00.00
BCORBlucora, Inc.00.00
CCIHChinaCache International Holdings Ltd.00.00
COVSCovisint Corporation00.00
IPASiPass Inc.00.00
LIVELive Ventures Incorporated00.00
NETENet Element, Inc.00.00
PRFTPerficient, Inc.00.00
PERIPerion Network Ltd00.00
PFPTProofpoint, Inc.00.00
RNWKRealNetworks, Inc.00.00 Inc.00.00, Inc.00.00
TZOOTravelzoo Inc.00.00
TCXTucows Inc.00.00
VDSIVASCO Data Security International, Inc.00.00
VRSNVeriSign, Inc.00.00
YYYY Inc.00.00
ZIXIZix Corporation00.00
JRJCChina Finance Online Co. Limited00.00
PYDSPayment Data Systems, Inc.00.00
SPEXSpherix Incorporated00.00
TRVGtrivago N.V.00.00
TSTTheStreet, Inc.00.00
FTDFTD Companies, Inc.00.00
LEXEALiberty Expedia Holdings, Inc.00.00
LEXEBLiberty Expedia Holdings, Inc.00.00
SFLYShutterfly, Inc.00.00
FLWS1-800 FLOWERS.COM, Inc.00.00
PRSSCafePress Inc.00.00
IACIAC/InterActiveCorp00.00, Inc.00.00
PRTSU.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc.00.00
PCTIPC-Tel, Inc.00.00
PLUSePlus inc.00.00
EGHT8x8 Inc00.00
WIFIBoingo Wireless, Inc.00.00
CCOICogent Communications Holdings, Inc.00.00
ENTGlobal Eagle Entertainment Inc.00.00
IGLDInternet Gold Golden Lines Ltd.00.00
CALLmagicJack VocalTec Ltd00.00
MARKRemark Media, Inc.00.00
XGTIXG Technology, Inc00.00
EXPEExpedia, Inc.00.00
MMYTMakeMyTrip Limited00.00
TOURTuniu Corporation00.00
YTRAYatra Online, Inc.00.00
ABDCAlcentra Capital Corp.00.00
ACSFAmerican Capital Senior Floating, Ltd.00.00
ACTGAcacia Research Corporation00.00
AINVApollo Investment Corporation00.00
ARCCAres Capital Corporation00.00
BANXStoneCastle Financial Corp00.00
BKCCBlackRock Capital Investment Corporation00.00
CMFNCM Finance Inc00.00
CPTACapitala Finance Corp.00.00
CSWCCapital Southwest Corporation00.00
EMITFElbit Imaging Ltd.00.00
FDUSFidus Investment Corporation00.00
FSCFifth Street Finance Corp.00.00
FSCFLFifth Street Finance Corp.00.00
FSFRFifth Street Senior Floating Rate Corp.00.00
GAINGladstone Investment Corporation00.00
GAINMGladstone Investment Corporation00.00
GAINNGladstone Investment Corporation00.00
GAINOGladstone Investment Corporation00.00
GARSGarrison Capital Inc.00.00
GBDCGolub Capital BDC, Inc.00.00
GLADGladstone Capital Corporation00.00
GLADOGladstone Capital Corporation00.00
HCAPHarvest Capital Credit Corporation00.00
HCAPLHarvest Capital Credit Corporation00.00
HRZNHorizon Technology Finance Corporation00.00
KCAPKCAP Financial, Inc.00.00
MFINMedallion Financial Corp.00.00
MFINLMedallion Financial Corp.00.00
MRCCMonroe Capital Corporation00.00
OFSOFS Capital Corporation00.00
OHAIOHA Investment Corporation00.00
PFLTPennantPark Floating Rate Capital Ltd.00.00
PNNTPennantPark Investment Corporation00.00
PSECProspect Capital Corporation00.00
RANDRand Capital Corporation00.00
RELYReal Industry, Inc. 00.00
SLRCSolar Capital Ltd.00.00
SUNSSolar Senior Capital Ltd.00.00
TCPCTCP Capital Corp.00.00
TCRDTHL Credit, Inc.00.00
TICCTICC Capital Corp.00.00
TINYHarris & Harris Group, Inc.00.00
TIPTTiptree Inc.00.00
WHFWhiteHorse Finance, Inc.00.00
WHFBLWhiteHorse Finance, Inc.00.00
XRDCCrossroads Capital, Inc.00.00
AMCXAMC Networks Inc.00.00
BATRALiberty Media Corporation00.00
BATRKLiberty Media Corporation00.00
BBGIBeasley Broadcast Group, Inc.00.00
CETVCentral European Media Enterprises Ltd.00.00
CHTRCharter Communications, Inc.00.00
CMCSAComcast Corporation00.00
CMLSCumulus Media Inc.00.00
DISCADiscovery Communications, Inc.00.00
DISCBDiscovery Communications, Inc.00.00
DISCKDiscovery Communications, Inc.00.00
DISHDISH Network Corporation00.00
DJCODaily Journal Corp. (S.C.)00.00
EMMSEmmis Communications Corporation00.00
FOXTwenty-First Century Fox, Inc.00.00
FOXATwenty-First Century Fox, Inc.00.00
FWONALiberty Media Corporation00.00
FWONKLiberty Media Corporation00.00
HMHCHoughton Mifflin Harcourt Company00.00
HMTVHemisphere Media Group, Inc.00.00
LBRDALiberty Broadband Corporation00.00
LBRDKLiberty Broadband Corporation00.00
LBTYALiberty Global plc00.00
LBTYBLiberty Global plc00.00
LBTYKLiberty Global plc00.00
LILALiberty Global plc00.00
LILAKLiberty Global plc00.00
LSXMALiberty Media Corporation00.00
LSXMBLiberty Media Corporation00.00
LSXMKLiberty Media Corporation00.00
NWSNews Corporation00.00
NWSANews Corporation00.00
NXSTNexstar Media Group, Inc.00.00
RLJERLJ Entertainment, Inc.00.00
ROIARadio One, Inc.00.00
ROIAKRadio One, Inc.00.00
SALMSalem Media Group, Inc.00.00
SBGISinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.00.00
SCHLScholastic Corporation00.00
SIRISirius XM Holdings Inc.00.00
SNIScripps Networks Interactive, Inc00.00
TIVOTiVo Corporation00.00
TRNCtronc, Inc.00.00
VALUValue Line, Inc.00.00
VDTHVideocon d2h Limited00.00
VIAViacom Inc.00.00
VIABViacom Inc.00.00
WCSTWecast Network, Inc.00.00
AMRKA-Mark Precious Metals, Inc.00.00
CENXCentury Aluminum Company00.00
CHNRChina Natural Resources, Inc.00.00
CTHRCharles & Colvard Ltd00.00
GOLDRandgold Resources Limited00.00
GSMFerroglobe PLC00.00
KALUKaiser Aluminum Corporation00.00
MPVDMountain Province Diamonds Inc.00.00
PAASPan American Silver Corp.00.00
PGLCPershing Gold Corporation00.00
RGLDRoyal Gold, Inc.00.00
SNDSmart Sand, Inc.00.00
SSRISilver Standard Resources Inc.00.00
URREUranium Resources, Inc.00.00
USLMUnited States Lime & Minerals, Inc.00.00
APLPArchrock Partners, L.P.00.00
AREXApproach Resources Inc.00.00
AXASAbraxas Petroleum Corporation00.00
CCLPCSI Compressco LP00.00
CDEVCentennial Resource Development, Inc.00.00
CLMTCalumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P.00.00
CRZOCarrizo Oil & Gas, Inc.00.00
DMLPDorchester Minerals, L.P.00.00
DWSNDawson Geophysical Company00.00
ESESEco-Stim Energy Solutions, Inc.00.00
EVEPEV Energy Partners, L.P.00.00
FANGDiamondback Energy, Inc.00.00
GEOSGeospace Technologies Corporation00.00
GIFIGulf Island Fabrication, Inc.00.00
GPORGulfport Energy Corporation00.00
ISRLIsramco, Inc.00.00
LGCYLegacy Reserves LP00.00
LGCYOLegacy Reserves LP00.00
LGCYPLegacy Reserves LP00.00
LONELonestar Resources US Inc.00.00
MARPSMarine Petroleum Trust00.00
MCEPMid-Con Energy Partners, LP00.00
MEMPMemorial Production Partners LP00.00
MINDMitcham Industries, Inc.00.00
MINDPMitcham Industries, Inc.00.00
MTRXMatrix Service Company00.00
ORIGOcean Rig UDW Inc.00.00
PDCEPDC Energy, Inc.00.00
PFIEProfire Energy, Inc.00.00
PHIIPHI, Inc.00.00
PHIIKPHI, Inc.00.00
PNRGPrimeEnergy Corporation00.00
PTENPatterson-UTI Energy, Inc.00.00
PVACPenn Virginia Corporation00.00
RCONRecon Technology, Ltd.00.00
REXXRex Energy Corporation00.00
SAEXSAExploration Holdings, Inc.00.00
SNDESundance Energy Australia Limited00.00
TESOTesco Corporation00.00
TGATransglobe Energy Corp00.00
TRCHTorchlight Energy Resources, Inc.00.00
TUSKMammoth Energy Services, Inc.00.00
USEGU.S. Energy Corp.00.00
VNOMViper Energy Partners LP00.00
VNRVanguard Natural Resources LLC00.00
VNRAPVanguard Natural Resources LLC00.00
VNRBPVanguard Natural Resources LLC00.00
VNRCPVanguard Natural Resources LLC00.00
VTNRVertex Energy, Inc00.00
XOGExtraction Oil & Gas, Inc.00.00
ZNZion Oil & Gas Inc00.00
ACADACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc.00.00
ACIUAC Immune SA00.00
ACRSAclaris Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
ACRXAcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
ACSTAcasti Pharma, Inc.00.00
ACURAcura Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
ADMPAdamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation00.00
ADMSAdamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
AERIAerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
AGIOAgios Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
AGLEAeglea BioTherapeutics, Inc.00.00
AGRXAgile Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
AIMTAimmune Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
AKAOAchaogen, Inc.00.00
AKBAAkebia Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
AKRXAkorn, Inc.00.00
AKTXAkari Therapeutics Plc00.00
ALIMAlimera Sciences, Inc.00.00
ALKSAlkermes plc00.00
AMPHAmphastar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
ANIKAnika Therapeutics Inc.00.00
ANTHAnthera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
AQXPAquinox Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
ARDMAradigm Corporation00.00
ARLZAralez Pharmaceuticals Inc.00.00
ARRYArray BioPharma Inc.00.00
ASNDAscendis Pharma A/S00.00
ATRSAntares Pharma, Inc.00.00
AUPHAurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc00.00
AVDLAvadel Pharmaceuticals plc00.00
AVXSAveXis, Inc.00.00
AXSMAxsome Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
AZRXAzurRx BioPharma, Inc.00.00
BDSIBioDelivery Sciences International, Inc.00.00
BGNEBeiGene, Ltd.00.00
BIOSBioScrip, Inc.00.00
BLRXBioLineRx Ltd.00.00
BPTHBio-Path Holdings, Inc.00.00
BSPMBiostar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
BSTCBioSpecifics Technologies Corp00.00
BVXVBiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd.00.00
CALACalithera Biosciences, Inc.00.00
CAPNCapnia, Inc.00.00
CARACara Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
CATBCatabasis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
CBIOCatalyst Biosciences, Inc. 00.00
CDTXCidara Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
CEMPCempra, Inc.00.00
CERUCerulean Pharma Inc.00.00
CHMAChiasma, Inc.00.00
CHRSCoherus BioSciences, Inc.00.00
CLCDCoLucid Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
CLVSClovis Oncology, Inc.00.00
CMRXChimerix, Inc.00.00
CNATConatus Pharmaceuticals Inc.00.00
CNCEConcert Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
COLLCollegium Pharmaceutical, Inc.00.00
CORTCorcept Therapeutics Incorporated00.00
CPIXCumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc.00.00
CPRXCatalyst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
CRBPCorbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc.00.00
CRMECardiome Pharma Corporation00.00
CYANCyanotech Corporation00.00
CYCCCyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
CYCCPCyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
CYTXCytori Therapeutics Inc00.00
DBVTDBV Technologies S.A.00.00
DEPODepomed, Inc.00.00
DMPIDelMar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
DPRXDipexium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
DRNADicerna Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
DRRXDURECT Corporation00.00
DSCIDerma Sciences, Inc.00.00
DXCMDexCom, Inc.00.00
EARSAuris Medical Holding AG00.00
EGLTEgalet Corporation00.00
EGRXEagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
ENDPEndo International plc00.00
ENTAEnanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
EPIXESSA Pharma Inc.00.00
ESRXExpress Scripts Holding Company00.00
EYEGEyegate Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
FLXNFlexion Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
FOLDAmicus Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
FOMXFoamix Pharmaceuticals Ltd.00.00
FWPForward Pharma A/S00.00
GALTGalectin Therapeutics Inc.00.00
GALTUGalectin Therapeutics Inc.00.00
GBTGlobal Blood Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
GEMPGemphire Therapeutics Inc.00.00
GLMDGalmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd.00.00
GLPGGalapagos NV00.00
GRFSGrifols, S.A.00.00
GWPHGW Pharmaceuticals Plc00.00
HCMHutchison China MediTech Limited00.00
HRTXHeron Therapeutics, Inc. 00.00
HSGXHistogenics Corporation00.00
HSKAHeska Corporation00.00
HTBXHeat Biologics, Inc.00.00
HZNPHorizon Pharma plc00.00
IMDZImmune Design Corp.00.00
IMMYImprimis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
IMNPImmune Pharmaceuticals Inc.00.00
INSYInsys Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
IPCIIntellipharmaceutics International Inc.00.00
IPXLImpax Laboratories, Inc.00.00
IRWDIronwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
ITCIIntra-Cellular Therapies Inc.00.00
ITEKInotek Pharmaceuticals Corporation00.00
JAGXJaguar Animal Health, Inc.00.00
JAZZJazz Pharmaceuticals plc00.00
KALVKalVista Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
KERXKeryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
KINKindred Biosciences, Inc.00.00
KTOVKitov Pharmaceuticals Holdings Ltd.00.00
LFVNLifevantage Corporation00.00
LIFEaTyr Pharma, Inc.00.00
LJPCLa Jolla Pharmaceutical Company00.00
LPCNLipocine Inc.00.00
MBRXMoleculin Biotech, Inc.00.00
MCRBSeres Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
MDGLMadrigal Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
MDWDMediWound Ltd.00.00
MNKDMannKind Corporation00.00
MNOVMediciNova, Inc.00.00
MRNSMarinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
MRTXMirati Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
MRUSMerus N.V.00.00
MSLIMerus Labs International Inc.00.00
MTEXMannatech, Incorporated00.00
MTFBMotif Bio plc00.00
MTPMidatech Pharma PLC00.00
MYLMylan N.V.00.00
MYOKMyoKardia, Inc.00.00
NAIINatural Alternatives International, Inc.00.00
NATRNature's Sunshine Products, Inc.00.00
NBIXNeurocrine Biosciences, Inc.00.00
NDRMNeuroDerm Ltd.00.00
NEOGNeogen Corporation00.00
NEOSNeos Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
NEOTNeothetics, Inc.00.00
NEPTNeptune Technologies & Bioresources Inc00.00
NERVMinerva Neurosciences, Inc00.00
NHTCNatural Health Trends Corp.00.00
NKNantKwest, Inc.00.00
NKTRNektar Therapeutics00.00
NTECIntec Pharma Ltd.00.00
NUTRNutraceutical International Corporation00.00
NVETNexvet Biopharma plc00.00
NVGNNovogen Limited00.00
OASMOasmia Pharmaceutical AB00.00
OCRXOcera Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
OCULOcular Therapeutix, Inc.00.00
OHRPOhr Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
ONSOncobiologics, Inc.00.00
OPHTOphthotech Corporation00.00
OREXOrexigen Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
ORMPOramed Pharmaceuticals Inc.00.00
OSIROsiris Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
PAHCPhibro Animal Health Corporation00.00
PCRXPacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
PGNXProgenics Pharmaceuticals Inc.00.00
PINCPremier, Inc.00.00
PRAHPRA Health Sciences, Inc.00.00
PRPHProPhase Labs, Inc.00.00
PRQRProQR Therapeutics N.V.00.00
PRTOProteon Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
PSTIPluristem Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
PTGXProtagonist Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
PTIProteostasis Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
PTIEPain Therapeutics00.00
PTLAPortola Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
PTXPernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.00.00
PZRXPhaseRx, Inc.00.00
QUREuniQure N.V.00.00
RARXRa Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
RDHLRedhill Biopharma Ltd.00.00
RDUSRadius Health, Inc.00.00
RELVReliv' International, Inc.00.00
REPHRecro Pharma, Inc.00.00
RETAReata Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
RGLSRegulus Therapeutics Inc.00.00
RIBTRiceBran Technologies00.00
RTTRRitter Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
RVNCRevance Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
RXDXIgnyta, Inc.00.00
SBPHSpring Bank Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
SCLNSciClone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
SCMPSucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
SGYPSynergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
SHPGShire plc00.00
SMMTSummit Therapeutics plc00.00
SNESSenesTech, Inc.00.00
SNGXSoligenix, Inc.00.00
SNOASonoma Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
SRNESorrento Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
SRPTSarepta Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
STDYSteadyMed Ltd.00.00
SUPNSupernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
SYRSSyros Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
SYUTSynutra International, Inc.00.00
TCONTRACON Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
TGTXTG Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
THLDThreshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
TLGTTeligent, Inc.00.00
TNXPTonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp.00.00
TRVNTrevena, Inc.00.00
TTNPTitan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
TTPHTetraphase Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
VBLTVascular Biogenics Ltd.00.00
VNDAVanda Pharmaceuticals Inc.00.00
VTLVital Therapies, Inc.00.00
VTVTvTv Therapeutics Inc.00.00
VVUSVIVUS, Inc.00.00
VYGRVoyager Therapeutics, Inc.00.00
WOOFVCA Inc. 00.00
XNCRXencor, Inc.00.00
ZFGNZafgen, Inc.00.00
ZGNXZogenix, Inc.00.00
ZSANZosano Pharma Corporation00.00
ZYNEZynerba Pharmaceuticals, Inc.00.00
CRESYCresud S.A.C.I.F. y A.00.00
FRPHFRP Holdings, Inc.00.00
FSVFirstService Corporation00.00
GRIFGriffin Industrial Realty, Inc.00.00
GYROGyrodyne , LLC00.00
HGSHChina HGS Real Estate, Inc.00.00
INTGThe Intergroup Corporation00.00
IRCPIRSA Propiedades Comerciales S.A.00.00
MAYSJ. W. Mays, Inc.00.00
RMRThe RMR Group Inc.00.00
RVENReven Housing REIT, Inc.00.00
STRSStratus Properties, Inc.00.00
AGNCAGNC Investment Corp.00.00
AGNCBAGNC Investment Corp.00.00
AGNCPAGNC Investment Corp.00.00
CDORCondor Hospitality Trust, Inc.00.00
CMCTCIM Commercial Trust Corporation00.00
CONECyrusOne Inc00.00
CSALCommunications Sales & Leasing,Inc.00.00
CTRECareTrust REIT, Inc.00.00
EQIXEquinix, Inc.00.00
GLPIGaming and Leisure Properties, Inc.00.00
GOODGladstone Commercial Corporation00.00
GOODMGladstone Commercial Corporation00.00
GOODOGladstone Commercial Corporation00.00
GOODPGladstone Commercial Corporation00.00
GOVGovernment Properties Income Trust00.00
GOVNIGovernment Properties Income Trust00.00
HPTHospitality Properties Trust00.00
LAMRLamar Advertising Company00.00
LANDGladstone Land Corporation00.00
LANDPGladstone Land Corporation00.00
LOANManhattan Bridge Capital, Inc00.00
MTGEMTGE Investment Corp.00.00
MTGEPMTGE Investment Corp.00.00
NYMTNew York Mortgage Trust, Inc.00.00
NYMTONew York Mortgage Trust, Inc.00.00
NYMTPNew York Mortgage Trust, Inc.00.00
PCHPotlatch Corporation00.00
ROICRetail Opportunity Investments Corp.00.00
SBRASabra Healthcare REIT, Inc.00.00
SBRAPSabra Healthcare REIT, Inc.00.00
SELFGlobal Self Storage, Inc.00.00
SIRSelect Income REIT00.00
SNHSenior Housing Properties Trust00.00
SNHNISenior Housing Properties Trust00.00
SNHNLSenior Housing Properties Trust00.00
SOHOSotherly Hotels Inc.00.00
SOHOBSotherly Hotels Inc.00.00
SOHOMSotherly Hotels LP00.00
VRTBVestin Realty Mortgage II, Inc.00.00
WHLRWheeler Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc.00.00
WHLRDWheeler Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc.00.00
WHLRPWheeler Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc.00.00
ARKRArk Restaurants Corp.00.00
ASNAAscena Retail Group, Inc.00.00
BBBYBed Bath & Beyond Inc.00.00
BBRGBravo Brio Restaurant Group, Inc.00.00
BEBEbebe stores, inc.00.00
BGFVBig 5 Sporting Goods Corporation00.00
BJRIBJ's Restaurants, Inc.00.00
BLMNBloomin' Brands, Inc.00.00
BMCHBMC Stock Holdings, Inc.00.00
BOBEBob Evans Farms, Inc.00.00
BOJABojangles', Inc.00.00
BONTThe Bon-Ton Stores, Inc.00.00
BWLDBuffalo Wild Wings, Inc.00.00
CAKEThe Cheesecake Factory Incorporated00.00
CALIChina Auto Logistics Inc.00.00
CASYCaseys General Stores, Inc.00.00
CBRLCracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc.00.00
CHUYChuy's Holdings, Inc.00.00
CJJDChina Jo-Jo Drugstores, Inc.00.00
CNXNPC Connection, Inc.00.00
CONNConn's, Inc.00.00
COSTCostco Wholesale Corporation00.00
CPRTCopart, Inc.00.00
CRMTAmerica's Car-Mart, Inc.00.00
CTRNCiti Trends, Inc.00.00
DAVEFamous Dave's of America, Inc.00.00
DENNDenny's Corporation00.00
DESTDestination Maternity Corporation00.00
DFRGDel Frisco's Restaurant Group, Inc.00.00
DLTHDuluth Holdings Inc.00.00
DLTRDollar Tree, Inc.00.00
DNKNDunkin' Brands Group, Inc.00.00
DXLGDestination XL Group, Inc.00.00
FCFSFirst Cash, Inc.00.00
FINLThe Finish Line, Inc.00.00
FIVEFive Below, Inc.00.00
FOGOFogo de Chao, Inc.00.00
FRANFrancesca's Holdings Corporation00.00
FREDFred's, Inc.00.00
FRGIFiesta Restaurant Group, Inc.00.00
FRPTFreshpet, Inc.00.00
FRSHPapa Murphy's Holdings, Inc.00.00
GAIAGaia, Inc.00.00
GMANGordmans Stores, Inc.00.00
GTIMGood Times Restaurants Inc.00.00
HABTThe Habit Restaurants, Inc.00.00
HIBBHibbett Sports, Inc.00.00
HOTRChanticleer Holdings, Inc.00.00
HSNIHSN, Inc.00.00
IRGIgnite Restaurant Group, Inc.00.00
JACKJack In The Box Inc.00.00
JMBAJamba, Inc.00.00
KGJIKingold Jewelry Inc.00.00
KIRKKirkland's, Inc.00.00
KONAKona Grill, Inc.00.00
LOCOEl Pollo Loco Holdings, Inc.00.00
LULUlululemon athletica inc.00.00
MIKThe Michaels Companies, Inc.00.00
NATHNathan's Famous, Inc.00.00
NDLSNoodles & Company00.00
ODPOffice Depot, Inc.00.00
OLLIOllie's Bargain Outlet Holdings, Inc.00.00
ORLYO'Reilly Automotive, Inc.00.00
PBPBPotbelly Corporation00.00
PCMIPCM, Inc.00.00
PERFPerfumania Holdings, Inc00.00
PETSPetMed Express, Inc.00.00
PLAYDave & Buster's Entertainment, Inc.00.00
PLCEChildren's Place, Inc. (The)00.00
PLKIPopeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.00.00
PNRAPanera Bread Company00.00
PSMTPriceSmart, Inc.00.00
PZZAPapa John's International, Inc.00.00
QVCALiberty Interactive Corporation00.00
QVCBLiberty Interactive Corporation00.00
RAVERave Restaurant Group, Inc.00.00
ROSTRoss Stores, Inc.00.00
RRGBRed Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc.00.00
RUSHARush Enterprises, Inc.00.00
RUSHBRush Enterprises, Inc.00.00
RUTHRuth's Hospitality Group, Inc.00.00
SAUCDiversified Restaurant Holdings, Inc.00.00
SBUXStarbucks Corporation00.00
SCVLShoe Carnival, Inc.00.00
SGOCSGOCO Group, Ltd00.00
SHLDSears Holdings Corporation00.00
SHOSSears Hometown and Outlet Stores, Inc.00.00
SMRTStein Mart, Inc.00.00
SONCSonic Corp.00.00
SPLSStaples, Inc.00.00
SPWHSportsman's Warehouse Holdings, Inc.00.00
SRSCSears Canada Inc. 00.00
TATravelCenters of America LLC00.00
TACODel Taco Restaurants, Inc.00.00
TANNITravelCenters of America LLC00.00
TANNLTravelCenters of America LLC00.00
TANNZTravelCenters of America LLC00.00
TASTCarrols Restaurant Group, Inc.00.00
TSCOTractor Supply Company00.00
TTSTile Shop Hldgs, Inc.00.00
TUESTuesday Morning Corp.00.00
TWMCTrans World Entertainment Corp.00.00
TXRHTexas Roadhouse, Inc.00.00
ULTAUlta Beauty, Inc.00.00
URBNUrban Outfitters, Inc.00.00
VRAVera Bradley, Inc.00.00
WBAWalgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.00.00
WENWendy's Company (The)00.00
WINAWinmark Corporation00.00
WINGWingstop Inc.00.00
WMARWest Marine, Inc.00.00
ZUMZZumiez Inc.00.00
ACFCAtlantic Coast Financial Corporation00.00
BFINBankFinancial Corporation00.00
BKMUBank Mutual Corporation00.00
BLMTBSB Bancorp, Inc.00.00
BNCLBeneficial Bancorp, Inc.00.00
BOFIBofI Holding, Inc.00.00
BOFILBofI Holding, Inc.00.00
BRKLBrookline Bancorp, Inc.00.00
BSFBear State Financial, Inc.00.00
BYFCBroadway Financial Corporation00.00
CARVCarver Bancorp, Inc.00.00
CASHMeta Financial Group, Inc.00.00
CFBKCentral Federal Corporation00.00
CFFNCapitol Federal Financial, Inc.00.00
CHFNCharter Financial Corp.00.00
CSBKClifton Bancorp Inc.00.00
CZWICitizens Community Bancorp, Inc.00.00
DCOMDime Community Bancshares, Inc.00.00
EBMTEagle Bancorp Montana, Inc.00.00
EBSBMeridian Bancorp, Inc.00.00
ENFCEntegra Financial Corp.00.00
EQFNEquitable Financial Corp.00.00
ESBKElmira Savings Bank NY (The)00.00
ESSAESSA Bancorp, Inc.00.00
ESXBCommunity Bankers Trust Corporation.00.00
FCAPFirst Capital, Inc.00.00
FDEFFirst Defiance Financial Corp.00.00
FFICFlushing Financial Corporation00.00
FFNWFirst Financial Northwest, Inc.00.00
FSBWFS Bancorp, Inc.00.00
FSFGFirst Savings Financial Group, Inc.00.00
GCBCGreene County Bancorp, Inc.00.00
GTWNGeorgetown Bancorp, Inc.00.00
HBCPHome Bancorp, Inc.00.00
HBKHamilton Bancorp, Inc.00.00
HFBCHopFed Bancorp, Inc.00.00
HFBLHome Federal Bancorp, Inc. of Louisiana00.00
HIFSHingham Institution for Savings00.00
HMNFHMN Financial, Inc.00.00
HMSTHomeStreet, Inc.00.00
HTBIHomeTrust Bancshares, Inc.00.00
IROQIF Bancorp, Inc.00.00
ISBCInvestors Bancorp, Inc.00.00
JXSBJacksonville Bancorp Inc.00.00
KFFBKentucky First Federal Bancorp00.00
LSBKLake Shore Bancorp, Inc.00.00
MFSFMutualFirst Financial Inc.00.00
MGYRMagyar Bancorp, Inc.00.00
MLVFMalvern Bancorp, Inc.00.00
NFBKNorthfield Bancorp, Inc.00.00
NWBINorthwest Bancshares, Inc.00.00
OCFCOceanFirst Financial Corp.00.00
OFEDOconee Federal Financial Corp.00.00
ORITOritani Financial Corp.00.00
OTTWOttawa Bancorp, Inc.00.00
PBCTPeople's United Financial, Inc.00.00
PBCTPPeople's United Financial, Inc.00.00
PBHCPathfinder Bancorp, Inc.00.00
PBIPPrudential Bancorp, Inc.00.00
PBSKPoage Bankshares, Inc.00.00
PPBIPacific Premier Bancorp Inc00.00
PROVProvident Financial Holdings, Inc.00.00
RVSBRiverview Bancorp Inc00.00
SFBCSound Financial Bancorp, Inc.00.00
SIFISI Financial Group, Inc.00.00
SMBCSouthern Missouri Bancorp, Inc.00.00
SVBISevern Bancorp Inc00.00
TBNKTerritorial Bancorp Inc.00.00
TFSLTFS Financial Corporation00.00
TSBKTimberland Bancorp, Inc.00.00
UBNKUnited Financial Bancorp, Inc. 00.00
UCFCUnited Community Financial Corp.00.00
WAFDWashington Federal, Inc.00.00
WAYNWayne Savings Bancshares Inc.00.00
WBKCWolverine Bancorp, Inc.00.00
WSBFWaterstone Financial, Inc.00.00
WSFSWSFS Financial Corporation00.00
WSFSLWSFS Financial Corporation00.00
WVFCWVS Financial Corp.00.00
ACLSAxcelis Technologies, Inc.00.00
ADIAnalog Devices, Inc.00.00
AMATApplied Materials, Inc.00.00
AMBAAmbarella, Inc.00.00
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc.00.00
AMKRAmkor Technology, Inc.00.00
AOSLAlpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited00.00
ASMLASML Holding N.V.00.00
ASYSAmtech Systems, Inc.00.00
ATOMAtomera Incorporated00.00
AVGOBroadcom Limited00.00
AXTIAXT Inc00.00
BRKSBrooks Automation, Inc.00.00
CAVMCavium, Inc.00.00
CCMPCabot Microelectronics Corporation00.00
CEVACEVA, Inc.00.00
COHUCohu, Inc.00.00
CRUSCirrus Logic, Inc.00.00
CYCypress Semiconductor Corporation00.00
DIODDiodes Incorporated00.00
DSPGDSP Group, Inc.00.00
EMKREMCORE Corporation00.00
ENTGEntegris, Inc.00.00
FORMFormFactor, Inc.00.00
GSITGSI Technology, Inc.00.00
HIMXHimax Technologies, Inc.00.00
IDTIIntegrated Device Technology, Inc.00.00
IMIIntermolecular, Inc.00.00
IOTSAdesto Technologies Corporation00.00
IPGPIPG Photonics Corporation00.00
ISILIntersil Corporation00.00
IXYSIXYS Corporation00.00
KLACKLA-Tencor Corporation00.00
KLICKulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc.00.00
KOPNKopin Corporation00.00
LLTCLinear Technology Corporation00.00
LRCXLam Research Corporation00.00
LSCCLattice Semiconductor Corporation00.00
MCHPMicrochip Technology Incorporated00.00
MKSIMKS Instruments, Inc.00.00
MLNXMellanox Technologies, Ltd.00.00
MOSYMoSys, Inc.00.00
MPWRMonolithic Power Systems, Inc.00.00
MRVLMarvell Technology Group Ltd.00.00
MSCCMicrosemi Corporation00.00
MTSIMACOM Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc.00.00
MUMicron Technology, Inc.00.00
MXIMMaxim Integrated Products, Inc.00.00
NANONanometrics Incorporated00.00
NVDANVIDIA Corporation00.00
NVMINova Measuring Instruments Ltd.00.00
NXPINXP Semiconductors N.V.00.00
OIIMO2Micro International Limited00.00
ONON Semiconductor Corporation00.00
PIImpinj, Inc.00.00
PLABPhotronics, Inc.00.00
POWIPower Integrations, Inc.00.00
PXLWPixelworks, Inc.00.00
QCOMQUALCOMM Incorporated00.00
QRVOQorvo, Inc.00.00
QUIKQuickLogic Corporation00.00
RBCNRubicon Technology, Inc.00.00
RELLRichardson Electronics, Ltd.00.00
RMBSRambus, Inc.00.00
SIGMSigma Designs, Inc.00.00
SIMOSilicon Motion Technology Corporation00.00
SLABSilicon Laboratories, Inc.00.00
SMTCSemtech Corporation00.00
SPILSiliconware Precision Industries Company, Ltd.00.00
SWKSSkyworks Solutions, Inc.00.00
SYNASynaptics Incorporated00.00
TSEMTower Semiconductor Ltd.00.00
TXNTexas Instruments Incorporated00.00
UCTTUltra Clean Holdings, Inc.00.00
UTEKUltratech, Inc.00.00
VECOVeeco Instruments Inc.00.00
WILNWi-LAN Inc00.00
XCRAXcerra Corporation00.00
XLNXXilinx, Inc.00.00
ACTAActua Corporation00.00
ACXMAcxiom Corporation00.00
ADBEAdobe Systems Incorporated00.00
ADSKAutodesk, Inc.00.00
AKAMAkamai Technologies, Inc.00.00
AMSWAAmerican Software, Inc.00.00
ANSSANSYS, Inc.00.00
ANYSphere 3D Corp.00.00
APPFAppFolio, Inc.00.00
APPSDigital Turbine, Inc.00.00
APTIApptio, Inc.00.00
ATAIATA Inc.00.00
ATHNathenahealth, Inc.00.00
ATVIActivision Blizzard, Inc00.00
AVIDAvid Technology, Inc.00.00
AZPNAspen Technology, Inc.00.00
BCOVBrightcove Inc.00.00
BLBlackLine, Inc.00.00
BLKBBlackbaud, Inc.00.00
BNFTBenefitfocus, Inc.00.00
BOSCB.O.S. Better Online Solutions00.00
BSFTBroadSoft, Inc.00.00
BSQRBSQUARE Corporation00.00
BVBazaarvoice, Inc.00.00
CACA Inc.00.00
CALDCallidus Software, Inc.00.00
CCURConcurrent Computer Corporation00.00
CDKCDK Global, Inc.00.00
CDNSCadence Design Systems, Inc.00.00
CERNCerner Corporation00.00
CHUBACommerceHub, Inc.00.00
CHUBKCommerceHub, Inc.00.00
COOLPolarityTE, Inc.00.00
COUPCoupa Software Incorporated00.00
COYNCOPsync, Inc.00.00
CPSIComputer Programs and Systems, Inc.00.00
CSGSCSG Systems International, Inc.00.00
CSODCornerstone OnDemand, Inc.00.00
CTXSCitrix Systems, Inc.00.00
CVLTCommvault Systems, Inc.00.00
CYBRCyberArk Software Ltd.00.00 Limited00.00
DGIIDigi International Inc.00.00
DRIODarioHealth Corp.00.00
DSGXThe Descartes Systems Group Inc.00.00
DTRMDetermine, Inc. 00.00
DWCHDatawatch Corporation00.00
EAElectronic Arts Inc.00.00
EBIXEbix, Inc.00.00
EPAYBottomline Technologies, Inc.00.00
EVBGEverbridge, Inc.00.00
EVOLEvolving Systems, Inc.00.00
EXAExa Corporation00.00
FALCFalconStor Software, Inc.00.00
FISVFiserv, Inc.00.00
FIVNFive9, Inc.00.00
FORTYFormula Systems (1985) Ltd.00.00
GLUUGlu Mobile Inc.00.00
GNUSGenius Brands International, Inc.00.00
GSUMGridsum Holding Inc.00.00
GUIDGuidance Software, Inc.00.00
HDPHortonworks, Inc.00.00
INODInnodata Inc.00.00
INOVInovalon Holdings, Inc.00.00
INSGInseego Corp.00.00
INTUIntuit Inc.00.00
INWKInnerWorkings, Inc.00.00
JCOMj2 Global, Inc.00.00
JIVEJive Software, Inc.00.00
JKHYJack Henry & Associates, Inc.00.00
KONEKingtone Wirelessinfo Solution Holding Ltd00.00
LLITLianluo Smart Limited00.00
LPSNLivePerson, Inc.00.00
MAMSMAM Software Group, Inc.00.00
MANHManhattan Associates, Inc.00.00
MANTManTech International Corporation00.00
MDRXAllscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc.00.00
MDSOMedidata Solutions, Inc.00.00
MGICMagic Software Enterprises Ltd.00.00
MITLMitel Networks Corporation00.00
MNDOMIND C.T.I. Ltd.00.00
MOBLMobileIron, Inc.00.00
MOMOMomo Inc.00.00
MSTRMicroStrategy Incorporated00.00
MTBCMedical Transcription Billing, Corp.00.00
MTBCPMedical Transcription Billing, Corp.00.00
MTLSMaterialise NV00.00
NCTYThe9 Limited00.00
NHNantHealth, Inc.00.00
NTESNetEase, Inc.00.00
NUANNuance Communications, Inc.00.00
OMCLOmnicell, Inc.00.00
OTEXOpen Text Corporation00.00
PAYXPaychex, Inc.00.00
PCYGPark City Group, Inc.00.00
PDFSPDF Solutions, Inc.00.00
PDVWpdvWireless, Inc.00.00
PEGAPegasystems Inc.00.00
PLPMPlanet Payment, Inc.00.00
PRGSProgress Software Corporation00.00
PTCPTC Inc.00.00
QADAQAD Inc.00.00
QADBQAD Inc.00.00
QSIIQuality Systems, Inc.00.00
RDWRRadware Ltd.00.00
RMGNRMG Networks Holding Corporation00.00
RPRealPage, Inc.00.00
SEACSeaChange International, Inc.00.00
SHSPSharpSpring, Inc.00.00
SLPSimulations Plus, Inc.00.00
SMSISmith Micro Software, Inc.00.00
SNCRSynchronoss Technologies, Inc.00.00
SNPSSynopsys, Inc.00.00
SOFOSonic Foundry, Inc.00.00
SPLKSplunk Inc.00.00
SPNSSapiens International Corporation N.V.00.00
SPSCSPS Commerce, Inc.00.00
SSNCSS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc.00.00
STRMStreamline Health Solutions, Inc.00.00
SYRXSysorex Global00.00
TEAMAtlassian Corporation Plc00.00
TLNDTalend S.A.00.00
TNGOTangoe, Inc.00.00
TRHCTabula Rasa HealthCare, Inc.00.00
TTWOTake-Two Interactive Software, Inc.00.00
TWOU2U, Inc.00.00
TYPEMonotype Imaging Holdings Inc.00.00
ULTIThe Ultimate Software Group, Inc.00.00
UPLDUpland Software, Inc.00.00
VRNTVerint Systems Inc.00.00
WSTGWayside Technology Group, Inc.00.00
ZNGAZynga Inc.00.00
ACIAAcacia Communications, Inc.00.00
AIRGAirgain, Inc.00.00
ALLTAllot Communications Ltd.00.00
ALSKAlaska Communications Systems Group, Inc.00.00
ARRSARRIS International plc00.00
ATNIATN International, Inc.00.00
AUDCAudioCodes Ltd.00.00
AVNWAviat Networks, Inc.00.00
AWREAware, Inc.00.00
BBOXBlack Box Corporation00.00
BCOMB Communications Ltd.00.00
CAMPCalAmp Corp.00.00
CLFDClearfield, Inc.00.00
CLROClearOne, Inc.00.00
CMTLComtech Telecommunications Corp.00.00
CNSLConsolidated Communications Holdings, Inc.00.00
CNTFChina TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited00.00
COMMCommScope Holding Company, Inc.00.00
CPSHCPS Technologies Corp.00.00
CRDSCrossroads Systems, Inc.00.00
CRNTCeragon Networks Ltd.00.00
DRWIDragonWave Inc00.00
DZSIDASAN Zhone Solutions, Inc.00.00
ELNKEarthLink Holdings Corp.00.00
EXTRExtreme Networks, Inc.00.00
FNSRFinisar Corporation00.00
FRPFairPoint Communications, Inc.00.00
FSNNFusion Telecommunications International, Inc.00.00
FTRFrontier Communications Corporation00.00
FTRPRFrontier Communications Corporation00.00
GDSGDS Holdings Limited00.00
GILTGilat Satellite Networks Ltd.00.00
GNCMAGeneral Communication, Inc.00.00
GOGOGogo Inc.00.00
HCOMHawaiian Telcom Holdco, Inc.00.00
HLITHarmonic Inc.00.00
IDCCInterDigital, Inc.00.00
IDSYI.D. Systems, Inc.00.00
IFONInfoSonics Corp00.00
INFNInfinera Corporation00.00
IQNTInteliquent, Inc.00.00
IRDMIridium Communications Inc00.00
IRDMBIridium Communications Inc00.00
JCSCommunications Systems, Inc.00.00
KVHIKVH Industries, Inc.00.00
KZKongZhong Corporation00.00
LMOSLumos Networks Corp.00.00
LOGMLogMein, Inc.00.00
LORLLoral Space and Communications, Inc.00.00
LPTHLightPath Technologies, Inc.00.00
LTRXLantronix, Inc.00.00
MRVCMRV Communications, Inc.00.00
MTSLMER Telemanagement Solutions Ltd.00.00
NEONNeonode Inc.00.00
NIHDNII Holdings, Inc.00.00
NMRXNumerex Corp.00.00
OBASOptibase Ltd.00.00
OCCOptical Cable Corporation00.00
OCLROclaro, Inc.00.00
OHGIOne Horizon Group, Inc.00.00
OTELOtelco Inc.00.00
PLPCPreformed Line Products Company00.00
PRKRParkerVision, Inc.00.00
PTNRPartner Communications Company Ltd.00.00
QTNAQuantenna Communications, Inc.00.00
RDCMRadcom Ltd.00.00
RFILRF Industries, Ltd.00.00
RNETRigNet, Inc.00.00
SATSEchoStar Corporation00.00
SHENShenandoah Telecommunications Co00.00
SHORShoreTel, Inc.00.00
SILCSilicom Ltd00.00
SITOSITO Mobile, Ltd.00.00
SONSSonus Networks, Inc.00.00
SPOKSpok Holdings, Inc.00.00
SWIRSierra Wireless, Inc.00.00
TESSTESSCO Technologies Incorporated00.00
TMUST-Mobile US, Inc.00.00
TMUSPT-Mobile US, Inc.00.00
TNAVTelenav, Inc.00.00
UBNTUbiquiti Networks, Inc.00.00
UTSIUTStarcom Holdings Corp00.00
VIAVViavi Solutions Inc.00.00
VIPVimpelCom Ltd.00.00
VODVodafone Group Plc00.00
VSATViaSat, Inc.00.00
WINWindstream Holdings, Inc.00.00
WPCSWPCS International Incorporated00.00
WSTCWest Corporation00.00
WSTLWestell Technologies, Inc.00.00
AAWWAtlas Air Worldwide Holdings00.00
AIRTAir T, Inc.00.00
ARCBArcBest Corporation00.00
ATSGAir Transport Services Group, Inc00.00
CHRWC.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.00.00
CPLPCapital Product Partners L.P.00.00
CSXCSX Corporation00.00
CVTICovenant Transportation Group, Inc.00.00
DCIXDiana Containerships Inc.00.00
DRYSDryShips Inc.00.00
ECHOEcho Global Logistics, Inc.00.00
EGLEEagle Bulk Shipping Inc.00.00
ESEAEuroseas Ltd.00.00
EXPDExpeditors International of Washington, Inc.00.00
FWRDForward Air Corporation00.00
GASSStealthGas, Inc.00.00
GLBSGlobus Maritime Limited00.00
GLNGGolar LNG Limited00.00
GMLPGolar LNG Partners LP00.00
GOGLGolden Ocean Group Limited00.00
HTLDHeartland Express, Inc.00.00
HUBGHub Group, Inc.00.00
JBHTJ.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.00.00
LSTRLandstar System, Inc.00.00
MMLPMartin Midstream Partners L.P.00.00
MRTNMarten Transport, Ltd.00.00
ODFLOld Dominion Freight Line, Inc.00.00
PANLPangaea Logistics Solutions Ltd.00.00
PATIPatriot Transportation Holding, Inc.00.00
PTSIP.A.M. Transportation Services, Inc.00.00
PXSPyxis Tankers Inc.00.00
RLOGRand Logistics, Inc.00.00
SAIASaia, Inc.00.00
SBLKStar Bulk Carriers Corp.00.00
SBLKLStar Bulk Carriers Corp.00.00
SHIPSeanergy Maritime Holdings Corp00.00
SINOSino-Global Shipping America, Ltd.00.00
STBStudent Transportation Inc00.00
TOPSTOP Ships Inc.00.00
ULHUniversal Logistics Holdings, Inc.00.00
USAKUSA Truck, Inc.00.00
WERNWerner Enterprises, Inc.00.00
YRCWYRC Worldwide, Inc.00.00

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